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Online Proctored Testing


Students taking an Online/Hybrid course may be required to complete one or more proctored assessments. The course instructor determines the number of assessments to be proctored and the acceptable proctoring methods that may be used. Some proctoring methods, such as the ProctorU online proctoring service, or a Testing Center at another college, may charge a fee that the student must pay.


ProctorU is an online proctoring service through which a remote proctor will use your computer’s webcam to monitor you while you take an assessment. To learn more about ProctorU, please visit the ProctorU Test-Taker Help Center.

Snead State students receive a discounted rate for ProctorU proctoring sessions. ProctorU access cards may be purchased at the Snead State Bookstore or online directly from ProctorU with a debit/credit card.

A student’s computer system must meet the ProctorU’s minimum Technical Requirements. Visit the ProctorU Students page for more information.

If a course requires students to use ProctorU, you should complete the following at the beginning of the semester:

  1. Setup/verify your ProctorU account.
  2. Install required ProctorU software.
  3. Test your computer to make sure it meets the ProctorU system requirements.
  4. Schedule your assessment (requires access card or online payment).
  5. Add the date and time for the proctoring appointment to your calendar.

NOTE: ProctorU charges an extra fee for last minute appointments, so it is to your advantage to book your exam session as far in advance as possible.

On-Campus Testing

If you do not have access to high-speed internet and/or a computer that meets ProctorU’s minimum requirements. Snead State offers a limited number of on-campus computers for students to use when taking online tests during normal business hours.

  • Testing Center (Boaz, AL) – Please contact Tonya Shields (tonya.shields@snead.edu) to schedule an appointment in the Testing Center before scheduling your exam session with ProctorU.
  • Arab Instructional Site (Arab, AL) – Please contact Michael Gibson (michael.gibson@snead.edu) to schedule an appointment at the Arab Instructional Site before scheduling your exam session with ProctorU.

Loaner Laptop Program

If you have high-speed internet but need a computer compatible with ProctorU, the Snead State Library has a Loaner Laptop Program. Students may check out a laptop to use for their classes for a short period of time. Please contact John Miller (john.miller@snead.edu) with questions about the Loaner Laptop Program.

Alternative Proctoring Methods

If you have any questions/concerns about the proctored assessment(s) in a course, please direct them to the course’s instructor. The instructor may be willing to provide alternative proctoring arrangements in specific situations.