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Tech Support

Minimum Technical Requirements

You will not be able to complete an online/hybrid course using only a smart phone or tablet. Snead State online learning classes require that students comply with the following minimum technical requirements:

  • Desktop and/or laptop computer running an up-to-date operating system. For example, a PC running Windows 10, or an updated Apple Mac.
    • Chromebooks are often used in local high schools, but do not have the full capabilities of traditional PCs/Macs and are not sufficient for taking online courses.
    • Desktops/laptops running Microsoft Windows 10 in S mode limit downloads and won’t fully support the software used at Snead State. Microsoft 10 is acceptable. Microsoft 10s is a different version of the operating system.
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection. A wired internet connection is recommended when taking online exams. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that no one else is streaming video, playing games, or using other bandwidth-intensive services. (Check your internet speed here: Internet speed test by Ookla)
  • Webcam with microphone. Some assessments will require online proctoring and the webcam will be used to monitor you and your surroundings while taking the assessment. The webcam may also be used to record presentations, or to participate in remote sessions (e.g. virtual advising).
  • Google Chrome web browser. Mozilla Firefox should also be installed as a backup. Other browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or mobile phone browsers) are not guaranteed to work. If you are not sure what web browser you are using check here: What’s My Browser?
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader – The latest version can be downloaded from: https://get.adobe.com/reader/. If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, please make sure it is updated (Help >  Check for Updates).
  • Microsoft Office for creating/editing/viewing Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. NOTE: Microsoft Access is not available for Apple computers. Snead State students can download Microsoft Office 365 for free using their Snead State email account at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/office


  • Blackboard Login Page.
  • DO NOT enter your username and password on the Blackboard login page. Instead click the “Sign in with third-party account” drop-down menu and select SSCC.
  • When the Ellucian login page appears, enter your OneACCS username and password. Your username should be your official Snead State email address, including the “@snead.edu”. Your default OneACCS password was !SNEADmmddyy where the mmddyy is your six-digit date of birth. (You must include the ! as the first character of the default password.)

Technical Support Contact

For technical issues within a specific course, please include the course number, name, and CRN, along with a description of the technical issue you are experiencing to the Office of Online Learning at DL@snead.edu. Be sure to include your full name and your A#. For login issues, also include your date of birth in your email.

For Blackboard Support, visit https://help.edusupportcenter.com/shplite/accshd/home or call 833-793-4500.

NOTE: Course-specific issues (e.g. missing content, requests to resubmit work, requests to submit work late, etc.) must be emailed directly to the course’s instructor. If the instructor determines that the issue is a technical problem, they will direct you to contact technical support.

Email/Student Webmail

Access the link through https://snead.edu (select student email in the student panel by tapping on the tab to the left of your screen) or https://outlook.com/snead.edu (Choose “Sign In” in the top right corner).

  • Email Address: Your email address is your full student number (A#) followed by @snead.edu: Axxxxxxxx@snead.edu.
  • Password: The default password is !SNEADmmddyy (where mmddyy is your six-digit date of birth). You must include the exclamation point and SNEAD must be in all caps.

Technical Support Contact

Email Ms. Jerri Gullion (jgullion@snead.edu) in our IT Department for assistance. Be sure to include your full name, your A#, and your date of birth in your email.

McGraw Hill Connect

Some courses require the use of McGraw Hill Connect. If you experience issues with MH Connect, you should first contact your instructor. For technical issues, you may contact McGraw Hill at:

Technical Support Contact


Username: You must use your Snead State email address as your username. Your email address is your full student number followed by @snead.edu (AXXXXXXXX@snead.edu).
Password: Your password is !SNEADmmddyy with the mmddyy being your birthdate. Be sure to include the exclamation point. 

Technical Support Contact

Email Student Services at studentservices@snead.edu and include your full name (first, middle, and last name), A# (if known), and your date of birth.