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Paying for College

How to pay for college is a concern for many students. The Financial Aid Office at Snead State Community College provides information and counseling about federal, state and institutional aid programs and scholarships that may help you to achieve your educational goals. To apply for aid, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Some of the financial aid assistance available to qualifying students includes: Alabama Student Assistance Program (ASAP), Federal Direct Loans, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Work Study (FWS), Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program (PACT), Institutional and Endowment Scholarships, Trade Readjustment Act (TRA/TAA), Veteran’s Benefits, and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Click here for a tutorial describing steps for payments, the payment plan, e-refunds and 1098Ts.

Steps to Apply for Aid

1. Apply for Admission

2. View Financial Aid Timeline

3. Complete the FAFSA

4. Submit Requested Documents

  • Watch for communication from the College regarding any additional documents needed once we receive your FAFSA (Typically 3-5 business days after it is submitted). Submit any requested documents to the College in a timely manner in order for financial aid offer to be packaged.

5. Submit the Scholarship Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid

Familiarize yourself with the College Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards!
Each time you fail, withdraw from, or receive an incomplete grade in any class it counts against your Satisfactory Academic Progress. In order to receive federal aid (Federal grants and Student Loans), you must complete a certain percentage of the classes you begin, and you must maintain a satisfactory GPA. Example: In your first semester of college, you register for 16 credit hours. You earn A’s in three of your classes (9 credit hours), but you withdraw from two classes (7 credit hours). Your completion rate for your very first term is 56%; you have not made Satisfactory Academic Progress and are at risk of losing your aid for the next semester!  It is very important that you speak directly with the Financial Aid Office if you are uncertain about how withdrawals and/or failure to pass affect your Financial Aid. Do not take your friend’s advice; do not assume it will be ok to just drop one class.  Knowing the College SAP policy and staying on top of it is the single most important thing you can do to insure there is no interruption in your financial aid. The complete Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy can be found in the SSCC Catalog online. Satisfactory Academic Progress is calculated at the conclusion of each semester. Students who are not making SAP are notified via student email accounts.

  • Have your financial aid complete and awards accepted prior to the first day of class. 
  • Attend all classes to verify your enrollment for financial aid. 
  • Your tuition and fees are automatically deducted from your aid.

Registered financial aid students are allowed to make bookstore charges against financial aid during the published bookstore charge window each semester. Take a copy of your schedule to the Snead State bookstore, and if you have available financial aid, you may apply the charges to your account. 

If you receive Federal Title IV aid (Pell grant, SEOG, Student Loans) and withdraw from all your classes, fail all your classes, or receive an incomplete grade in all your classes, Snead State will calculate the amount of aid you did not earn. If it is determined that you received aid you did not earn, the funds will be returned to the appropriate program, and you will be billed by the College. 

The Financial Aid Office is located on the second floor of the McCain Student Center, located on Elder Street in Boaz. You may contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@snead.edu or call 256-840-4107. You are also welcome to follow our Financial Aid Facebook Page for the latest news and updates. Students do not have to be enrolled full time to receive the Pell Grant. You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours to receive Student Loans. Scholarship enrollment requirements are varied by scholarship and are noted in your scholarship contract.