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High School Programs

Dual Enrollment/High School

The Dual Enrollment program is available to qualified high school students who have received approval from their high school to receive both college credit and high school credit.

Why should I consider Dual Enrollment?

  • Find your passion for a career while gaining college experience .
  • Earn both high school and college credit with each class.
  • Reduce the possibility of needing a develop­mental class when you become a full-time college student.
  • Save time and money by getting an early start on your college career.

Fast Facts

  • Students can take class­es on campus or online.
  • Classes are offered during 16-week semesters or 8-week mini-terms. There are two mini-terms offered each semester.
  • Dual enrollment students can participate in Snead’s clubs and organizations.

To Participate

  • You must be a high school sophomore, junior or senior.
  • You need to have a cumulative minimum high school GPA of 2.5
  • You need to meet the entrance requirements of Snead State Community College.

To Enroll

Download a copy of the Dual Enrollment Student Handbook for more information.


  • Students must meet the entrance requirements of the College.
  • Students seeking enrollment in Dual Enrollment for Dual Credit coursework must have a minimum cumulative (unweighted) high school grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students must have written approval of the high school counselor or school official.
  • Students must be in grade 10, 11, or 12.
  • Snead State Community College has the right to restrict a student’s enrollment on the basis of academic readiness, social maturity, health and safety concerns, course availability, and/or local institutional policy.
  • Appropriate placement scores are required before a student may enroll in ENG or MTH courses.
  • Dual enrollment students who fail to meet a grade of C or better in all attempted college courses or who withdraw from a course will be suspended from the Dual Enrollment program for a minimum of one term.  The one-term suspension may not be served during the summer.

Accelerated High School

This program is available to qualified high school students who have completed required high school prerequisites.  Accelerated students receive college credit but not high school credit.  High school approval is required.


  1. The student has successfully completed the 10th grade.
  2. The high school principal or his/her official designee certifies the student has a minimum cumulative “B” average and recommends the student be admitted.
  3. The student enrolls only in postsecondary courses for which high school prerequisites have been completed.

Steps to Apply

Learn more about How to Apply for High School Programs.