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Educational Action Plan

In order to be a participant in the TRiO Student Support Services program you must complete an Educational Action Plan (EAP). During this meeting a goal for the completion of your classes will be set. Different areas will be discussed during your EAP such as strengths and weaknesses and possible universities that you would like to transfer to. 

TRiO Point System

Each semester a new TRiO Point System is available for students to pick up in our office. You must earn 10 TRiO Points each semester in order to participate in different services provided through our program. Several services like the Lending Library and Grant Aid Scholarships require TRiO Points. 

Lending Library

Each semester TRiO Student Support Services offers a Lending Library. Through this service you are eligible to borrow up to three textbooks from the Lending Library. You must earn your 10 TRiO Points in order to be eligible to receive this service. The textbooks are loaned out for the semester with the deadline being the last day of final exams. If your books are not returned on time your student account is placed on hold and you will not be allowed to borrow books from the Lending Library again. If you return your late books and the edition of the textbook has changed you are responsible for paying full price for the new edition of the text book before the hold is removed from your student account. It is very important to return the borrowed textbooks by the deadline.

Grant Aid Scholarships

Grant Aid Scholarships are given to help pay for classes for the semester. You must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant in order to qualify for this scholarship along with other stipulations. There is a GPA requirement and you must complete your 10 TRiO Points. This scholarship is need based so it is given based on the greatest need. 


Free tutoring is offered to all TRiO participants.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are sent out to your instructors after the first four weeks of classes. At this point if your instructor feels that you would benefit from tutoring you are called into the office to meet the Academic Coordinator. You will be sent an email if you need to come in to meet the Academic Coordinator. 

School Supplies

If a TRiO student is in need of school supplies they may pick up supplies in the TRiO Office. Supplies include but are not limited to: pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, scantrons, highlighters, note cards, CDs, and others. 

Study Lounge

There is a Study Lounge in the TRiO Office that is made available exclusively to TRiO SSS participants. This Lounge is designed to serve as a stop between classes, a place to check your email, or a place to study. In the Lounge there is a refrigerator and microwave for student use. There are five computers located in the Lounge for SSS student use only. 

Transfer Tips

Each semester TRiO SSS will have a Transfer Trip to a four year university to tour their campus and ask any questions about their admissions process that you may have as a transfer student. All Transfer Trips are on Thursdays, we are normally gone the whole day for the trips. There is no expense to you as a TRiO SSS Participant.


TRiO SSS offers workshops throughout the semester to help you earn your 10 TRiO Points. These workshops are scheduled at different times and on different days, check your calendar for a listing of these workshops.

Laptop Loan Program

TRiO SSS offers a laptop loan program to students who have been in the program at least one semester. The student must have a GPA of a 2.5 or higher in order to check out a laptop. The laptop loan is for two weeks at a time. The TRiO SSS program has around 10 laptops for loan. 

Cultural Events

Each semester TRiO SSS has some type of cultural event. We may attend a play, museum, a dining etiquette workshop, and many others. There is no expense to you as a TRiO SSS Participant. 

Office Events

Normally one time a month TRiO SSS has an event in the office so that students can fellowship with one another. Refreshments are provided for these events. These events are an easy way to earn TRiO points and to meet other participants in the program. 

Copy & Printing Services

Each semester all TRiO SSS participants are allowed 100 free copies or prints. These copies or prints must be printed in the TRiO Office. Once you have printed your papers you should let someone at the front desk know how many copies you have printed. 

Book

All TRiO SSS participants are required to sign in as they come into the office. The sign-in book is located on the podium in the lobby of the TRiO Office.

Check Out Items

TRiO SSS has several different items to check out to students. TRiO SSS checks out tape recorders, scientific calculators, and flash drives. These items are available for check out for the semester.