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Snead State Campus Crime Log

Annual Campus Security Report

The Annual Campus Security Report is an inclusive document which demonstrates campus crime statistics, the status of current security measures, as well as plans for implementation of improved security measures in the future. This annual report is made available via hard copy and electronic mail. If you would desire copies of this annual report, please contact the Office of Campus Security located in Elder Hall by calling 256-840-4167. No charge will be levied for copies provided. It is not necessary to make your request in writing.

For the purposes of meeting Clery Act requirements, this annual report must include specific information relative to Snead State Community College located in Boaz, Alabama, as well as SSCC satellite campus (site) located in Arab, Alabama. The following information is set forth in response to these specific requirements. The Campus Crime and Security Act of 1990 and the Student Right to Know Act require that every institution report and make available information on certain specified crimes that have occurred on campus during the past three years.

Any person who feels that a crime has occurred on campus or in an area contiguous to the actual physical campus should report the crime to the Snead State Community College Office of Security, which is located on the First Floor of Elder Hall Dormitory. You may either report in person, or contact the office by telephone at 256-840-4167 (office), 256-264-5060 (cell). You may also e-mail the Security Office; pgore@snead.edu

Information required to be reported at this time is for the three previous calendar years. Current calendar year statistics will be included in each subsequent annual security report and forward for a period of three years.

Emergency Planning

Plans are documented and in place at this time to address a variety of actual emergency scenarios specific to each building on the Snead State Community College campus. Such emergency scenarios include: Hostage Situations, Fires, Medical Emergencies, Civil Disturbances, Inclement Weather, Hurricane Shelter Activation, Evacuation Procedures, Bomb/Bomb Threats, Hazardous Material Spills, Abusive or Assaultive Behavior, Shooter, Trespass Violations, Utility Emergencies, and School Closings.

Each person responsible and designated as a specific Building Manager for each specific college building is responsible to ensure that fellow staff, adjunct instructors, and students are aware of specific emergency action plans as needed, and as appropriate to their building. This is also emphasized in trainings during the year.

Each Building Manager has a copy of the plan, and is responsible along with Security to ensure fellow staff  know what to do in the event of an emergency. Emergency information is also readily available on the school web site. Any questions may be directed to the Office of Security at any time if you have a question about emergency plans. If any Building Manager needs to requests an additional plan, they could contact the Office of Security at 256-840-4167, or e-mail pgore@snead.edu.

Plans have been put into place also regarding the Arab site located in Arab, Alabama, and the Aviation College at SSCC, located on the grounds of the Albertville Municipal Airport. The emergency plan encompasses these two locations as well. In the case of emergencies at either campus, 911 should be notified initially and immediately upon recognition of an emergency situation.

Security Office Personnel

At this time, the Security office employs one full time Director of Security and a security contractor whom primarily work evenings and weekends on the main campus.

The Office of Security disseminates and updates information as needed, and is available to consult and work with all parties on our campuses to ensure they are aware and comfortable with their specific building plan (Emergency Plan/EROP). Plans are always evolving and should never be considered a “finished product.” The Snead State Community College Office of Security is available to work with each Building Manager and staff members in general to ensure there are no discrepancies or unexpected potential difficulties in the actual implementation of any of these emergency scenario response plans. If difficulties or schematic challenges are identified, plans will be developed to overcome such obstacles as much as possible.

While often times, the logical and reasonable response in an emergency situation will be to call 911 and allow the local police or fire department to respond, college security can and does address a wide variety of scenarios and is efficient in the resolution of the great majority of potential issues which arise on campus. Emergency plans may continually be updated as issues are identified. Plans can be subject to alteration in event of an actual emergency, depending on additional factors or further information which is developed during real time scenarios. All such plans are documented and on file as the “Snead State Community College Emergency Response Plan,” (EROP) and is updated as needed. Specific mock exercises and scenarios are scheduled and held as needed.

SSCC Office of Security works closely with all local emergency responders, and has an excellent working relationship with additional agencies throughout the county and state.

Security Contacts

Any student or staff/faculty who observes, suspects, or has reason to suspect a crime has been, or is being committed should notify the appropriate law enforcement agency immediately by contacting the Boaz Police Department at 256-593-6812 for main campus issues and 256-586-8124 for the Arab site, and 256-878-1212 for the Aviation College at Snead State.

Certainly, in any emergency, call 911 and notify a staff member as soon as possible. Snead State Community College Office of Security should be contacted as soon as possible also, by calling 256-840-4167 (office), 256-264-5060 (cell).

In response to a fire, medical emergency, or any immediate threatening emergency, please call 911 and explain your location and the events you are calling to report. Be as specific as possible and notify the Office of Security as soon as possible at one of the numbers listed above.

In an emergency, when contacting College Security, it is best to contact them by calling 256-264-5060 (cell). They may also relay any emergency situation via phone to contract security, local police, or both. It is always recommended that the Office of Security be notified as swiftly as possible, so they can assist and be of guidance in the coordination of the response, or at a minimum at least be aware so decisions can be made regarding “timely warning” scenarios or additional actions which may be required.

If you are unable to reach Security by the office number, please call the cell number 256-264-5060.    The security contractor (256-277-8401) normally works afternoon/evenings, and day time hours on the weekends. Again, in any scenario of an emergency nature, please call 911 first. Snead State Community College does not provide security coverage seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, most often security staff will be available to respond as notified after hours. 

The Office of Security at Snead State Community College works closely with area law enforcement and emergency responders as needed. Any student or faculty/staff should feel completely confident in contacting either or both security and area law enforcement in an emergency situation, but it is always suggested you call 911 first in the event of an emergency situation and get assistance on the way immediately.  Call 911 anytime you perceive an emergency situation which would most likely require an outside agency response (police, paramedics, fire department, medical emergency, car accident, etc).   When in doubt, always call 911 first.  

Students and other persons on campus may also notify any Snead State Community College employee of an event which should be reported. Every staff/faculty member at Snead State Community College as employees and representatives of the College, may be responsible at any time to respond in some manner to an emergency situation. Such responses may be required to protect the College, its students, and its property.  Again, to report an emergency situation, please call 911, and notify the Office of Security as soon as possible by calling 256-264-5060. For all emergencies, call 911 first.

Need more information?

Snead State Community College Office of  Security
256-840-4167 (office)
256-264-5060 (cell)
Email: pgore@snead.edu

*To report an emergency situation, please call 911, and notify the Office of Security as soon as possible by calling 256-264-5060. For all emergencies, call 911 first.