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Student Panel
Faculty/Staff Panel

Snead State Community College students’ pass rates of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) have increased dramatically over the last year, rising over 10 percent.

The NCLEX-RN is recognized as the world’s premier licensure exam and uses computerized adaptive testing (CAT) technology to deliver the exam, ensuring a valid and reliable measurement of nursing competence.

In 2021, the college’s pass rate was 70.27 percent and the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN) sent a letter expressing concern. However, in 2022, Snead State students showed significant improvement.

“As of the close of Calendar Year 2022, Snead State Community College-ABN Board-calculated annual pass rate percentage is 81.58 percent,” stated a letter from the ABN and Dr. Pamela C. Smith, Administrative Director of Nursing Education Programs.

“The ABN commends the Nurse Administrators, Faculty, and Staff for your hard work in promoting excellence in nursing education in Alabama and your contributions to the nursing profession.”
Snead State Director of Nursing Dr. Lisa Brock attributed the success to the work of faculty that included changes “to better prepare our students” for the exam.

“This is a huge achievement, and I appreciate the acknowledgement of this success from the Alabama Board of Nursing,” Dr. Brock said. “The nursing faculty and staff continue to find ways to prepare our graduates for a very difficult, but rewarding, career. I am very proud to be associated with each of them.”

A pinnacle in Snead State Community College’s 125th Anniversary Celebration was the 2023 Spring Commencement, honoring 179 out of 201 graduates participating in the ceremony on Thursday, May 4.

The College already recognized 22 graduates at special ceremonies on May 2 for members of the Baseball and Softball Teams, who were unable to attend due to playing in away games.

Snead State President Dr. Joe Whitmore addressed the graduates with what he described as “not a typical Commencement address.”

“I feel I owe you an apology. To be more clear, I think my generation owes your generation an apology. Many years ago, I sat where you’re sitting. I had the opportunity to embark into a world that was much different than the world you’re facing. I’m a member of the Baby Boomer generation, and I was entering into a world that was influenced by what has been called ‘the greatest generation.’ That’s the generation that fought World Wars, that survived the Great Depression, and that lived by a moral code, a moral authority, and they feared and honored God. Because of them, my generation inherited a fine economy, a strong national defense, an impactful education system, endless job opportunities, record industrial and commercial growth, and a strong dedication to family and moral values.

“Unfortunately that’s not the case today…Now our economy is shrinking. Inflation is out of control, wages are stagnant, the unemployment rate nationally is surging, and morality and responsibility seem to be fading more and more each year. And here’s the scariest part to me. Studies by social scientists are saying that at this time our country is more polarized than at any time in our country’s history since the Civil War.

“In order for you to be successful, this societal decline has got to stop…It’s going to be up to you to facilitate change. It’s going to be up to you to return us to that greatness that came from my father’s generation. What made the ‘greatest generation’ great? Well, I think I can answer that if you’ll let me take a few minutes to tell you about my dad.”

Dr. Whitmore shared about his father, one of 12 children born into a sharecropper’s family.

“It’s from this six-grade-educated man that I learned four of the most important life lessons that made his generation great. No. 1, never ask someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself. Have a servant’s spirit. The second thing I remember him saying to me often is ‘Son, I would rather be an hour early than a minute late.’ What he was teaching me was to be dependable. He was teaching me to be reliable and trustworthy. Do what you say you’re going to do even if it means you have to sacrifice.

“The third thing he would say is ‘Son, if you’re going to do a job, you’d better do it right.’ So don’t settle for mediocrity. Being average is not your goal. Shoot for the stars and do your very best every day. Don’t let your environment and the people around you decide who you are. And finally, No. 4, my dad would say, ‘Son, don’t be afraid to fail because if you don’t fail every now and again, you’re just not trying hard enough.’ Sometimes you need to feel pain and the sting of defeat to activate the real passion that’s inside of you, to find that purpose that God has placed in your life…It is better for you to find purpose than to find prosperity. Your failures are only meant to shape your purpose.

“Finally, wherever you go, whatever you do, never leave God out of the equation. Put God first in everything you do. Press on to your purpose, and thank God for all he’s done for you,” said Dr. Whitmore.

Thursday’s ceremony was a time to recognize student achievement among the graduates.

Carter James Frederick of Chelsea received the Civitan Best All-Around Student Award. Frederick was recognized in the Parson Baseball Ceremony on May 2. The Civitan Award is presented annually to the Best All-Around Student of the graduating class. To be eligible for this award, the student must have attended Snead State Community College for at least three semesters and attained a minimum cumulative academic average of 3.0 on a four-point scale. In addition, the student should have participated in extracurricular and community activities. The student is elected by a vote of the faculty from a list of eligible graduates who are participating in the graduation ceremonies.

Cindy Liliana Guerrero of Boaz received the James B. Allen Award during the Spring Commencement Ceremony at Snead State Community College on May 4. The award was presented by Snead State Vice President for Student Services Jason Cannon, left.

Cindy Liliana Guerrero of Boaz was awarded the James B. Allen Award. The award is presented annually to the Outstanding Student of the graduating class, but this year both students were chosen. This award is a gift of the late James B. Allen, United States Senator from Alabama. To be eligible for this award, the student must have exhibited outstanding qualities of leadership and service, attained a minimum cumulative academic average of 3.5, and attended Snead State Community College for at least three semesters. Recipients are elected by a vote of the faculty from a list of eligible graduates participating in the Spring ceremony.

Amber Jacqueline Lopez of Horton and Marisol Acelin Ramos Lopez of Albertville were recognized as this year’s members of the All-Alabama Academic Team. The All-Alabama Scholarship program is a complement to the All-USA National Academic Team Program, which is sponsored by USA Today, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and the American Association of Community Colleges.

The President’s Award is presented annually to the full-time sophomore student in both the Academic Division, Technical Division, and, for the first time this year, the Dual Enrollment Program with the highest-grade point average on the greatest number of credit hours completed at Snead State. For the technical division, the 2023 President’s Award was presented to James David Sledd of Hartselle. For the academic division, the 2023 President’s Award was given to Anna Laura Chavez Munoz of Albertville. The 2023 President’s Award for Dual Enrollment was presented to Maddux William Patterson of Boaz.

Patterson was also one of four graduates who were recognized as Dual Enrollment students receiving their Associate degree before graduating from their respective high schools. Patterson and Eli Andrew Martinez are also graduating from Boaz High School this spring. Sydney Nannette Kirkpatrick is also graduating from Sardis High School, and Judah Owen Ewers is also graduating from the Albertville Pathways Academy homeschool.

Student recognitions continued when Snead State Executive Project Director of Workforce Enhancement Dr. Greg Randall recognized two students in the Registered Apprenticeship Program to graduate – Jake Knighten of Boaz and Maria Felix of Crossville. The Registered Apprenticeship Program was developed the program in 2019 for students pursuing an Industrial Systems Technology pathway to earn experience in a competitive field at a competitive wage while attending college. Both students served as apprentices with Atrion Medical in Arab.

SGA Vice President Edwin Jarquin-Perez of Albertville gave the invocation, and Ambassador President Riley McGee of Boaz gave a benediction before the graduates exited the gym in a recessional, ending this year’s Commencement Ceremony. The Jazz Band and the College Street Singers also performed during the ceremony.

The moment symbolized two years of hard work and sacrifice, but it was with mixed emotions that 32 Snead State Community College students crossed the stage in the Bevill Center to receive their pins as members of the 2023 class of Registered Nurses.

The special pinning ceremony for the RNs was held Tuesday, May 2, as friends, family, and Snead State faculty and administration attended to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

Snead State President Dr. Joe Whitmore addressed the RNs during the ceremony.

“I believe we have the best nursing program in the State of Alabama. I have a very high admiration for anyone who chooses to go into the healthcare profession of any kind. I know each one of you have taken this route because it’s what you’ve been called to do. Being called to the service and care of other people, to me, is one of the highest callings that anyone could have in their lives,” Dr. Whitmore said.

During the Pinning Ceremony, two student nurses were recognized for their individual achievements. Jesslyn Barrentine of Odenville received the Nursing Award for Academic Excellence. Siera Stegeman of Albertville received the Nursing Award for Clinical Excellence.

Members of the Snead State RN Class of 2023 are:

• Nathan Dollar
• Mounia El Fenne
• Justin Kilpatrick
• Alana Malcolm
• Alyson Paas
• Siera Stegeman

• Joseph Evans

• Lorianne Watts-Winklepleck

• Matthew Hunter

• Jasmine Moragne

• Savanah Banks
• Kobe Culbert
• Erin Gentry
• Jessica Gonzales
• Sarah Smith

• Susan Waldrep

• Samantha Borders
• Kristen Connett
• Crystal French
• Cherese Harvey
• Whitney Hughes
• Alexandria Sattiewhite

• Evan Bearden

• Alexis Mann

• Jessica Wright
• Adam Wright

• Jesslyn Barrentine

• Hannah Whittington

Rainbow City
• Chasidy Crowe

• Baylee Saint

Temple, GA
• Charicia Simmons

• Lawanna Heath

Snead State Community College Health Science Division Director Dr. Lisa Brock (right) awarded the Nursing Award for Clinical Excellence to Siera Stegeman of Albertville.
Snead State Community College Health Science Division Director Dr. Lisa Brock (right) awarded the Nursing Award for Academic Excellence to Jesslyn Barrentine of Odenville.

Snead State Community College spotlighted students on Thursday, April 20, for their achievements.

Two students received special recognition for a noteworthy achievement. Edwin Jarquin of Albertville and Erika Aragon Cruz of Horton were honored for being selected as semifinalists for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship program.

Award recipients include:

  • Accounting – Hannah Hurst of Moody.
  • Agricultural Science – Award of Undergraduate Biological Research: Chris Pinckard of Boaz; Outstanding Student in Horticulture Awards: Alannah Wiggins of Guntersville, Megan Walker of Guntersville, and Kinsley Spann of Union Grove.
  • All-Alabama Academic Team members – Marisol Ramos Lopez of Albertville and Amber Lopez of Horton.
  • Anatomy/Physiology – Sonia Bearden of Boaz.
  • Art – Renaissance Artist Award (Most Art Skills Mastered): Megan “Kit” Slaton of Boaz; Vincent Van Gogh Artist Award (Most Expressive Artists): Laura Whitmire of Boaz; Frida Kahlo Artist Award (Best use of Iconology and Symbolism): Marison Lazaro-Benitez of Crossville; Chuck Close Artist Award (Most Realistic Drawings and Paintings): Abby “Scout” Strong of Boaz; and Art Criticism Artist Award (Highest Demonstration in Visual Art Oral Communication and Interpretation): Keana Cruz of Guntersville.
  • Biology- Faith Harris of Boaz.
  • Business (Transfer Program) –. Sonya Evans of Horton.
  • Chemistry – Catalyst for Success Award in Chemistry: Kileigh Blackwell of Hokes Bluff; Chemistry Award: Natasha Roden of Albertville, Sydney Correll of Attalla, Amber Lopez of Horton, Maddux Patterson of Boaz, Jansen Rogers of Boaz, and Emma Woodham of Albertville.
  • Child Development – Charlotte Pesnell of Arab.
  • Computer Science (Cybersecurity) – Career Technical Student Achievement Award for Cybersecurity: Chance Autwell of Dutton.
  • Computer Science (IT Administration) – Career Technical Student Achievement Award for IT Administration: Ethan Lackey of Boaz.
  • Computer Science (Transfer) – Academic Student Achievement Award for Computer Science: Vick Vargas of Oneonta and Jason Watts of Boaz.
  • Dean’s Awards – Academic Program: Valerie Castro of Boaz; Technical Program: Maritza Valdez-Sanchez of Horton; Dual Enrollment Program: Emily Tidwell of Arab.
  • Economics – Erika Aragon-Cruz of Horton.
  • English – Outstanding Achievement in English: Gracie Stucky of Estillfork; Outstanding Achievement in English Award: Wren Elmore of Altoona; and Outstanding Humanities Student: Lansford Martensen of Guntersville.
  • History (US History) – Jansen Rogers of Boaz.
  • History (Western Civilization) – Mary Emily Royal of Boaz.
  • Industrial Maintenance (Welding) –. Travis Jones of Arab, Ryan Oswalt of Guntersville
  • Industrial Systems Technology – Overall Program Excellence: Jake Knighten of Boaz; Academic Excellence: Sandy Lopez-Mendez of Albertville; and Technical Excellence: Darrin Boyer of Boaz
  • Mathematics – Freshman Math Award: Maddux Patterson of Boaz; and Sophomore Math Award: Carson Gillaspie of Boaz.
  • Music – Best Music Theory Student: Randy Quinn of Hayden; Most Improved Musician: Malia Rains of Boaz; and Best All-Around Music Student: Adyson Lowden of Albertville.
  • Nursing – Highest GPA of a First Level RN Student: Akira Hutchins of Stevenson; and Clinical Excellence of a First Level RN Student: Ryan Bradford of Albertville.
  • Office Administration: Outstanding Office Administration Award: Graciela Ruiz of Attalla.
  • Philosophy –. Emily Tidwell of Arab and Jimena Lugo of Guntersville.
  • Physics – Dr. Byron K. Leles Physics Award: Reymund Santiago of Albertville.
  • Political Science – Haleigh Molock of Piedmont.
  • President’s Award – Academic Program: Anna Chaves Munoz of Albertville; Technical Program: James Sledd of Hartselle; and Dual Enrollment Program: Maddux Patterson of Boaz.
  • Theatre – Nathan Wilson of Arab.
  • Welding – Outstanding Dual Enrollment Welding Student: Travis Jones of Arab; and Outstanding Regular Enrollment Welding Student: Ryan Oswalt of Guntersville.

Snead State students receiving transfer scholarships from four-year universities were also recognized. Those students included:

  • Athens State University – Madison Camper of Boaz, Morgan Chambers of Albertville, Sonya Evans of Horton, Abby Freeman of Orlando, Fla., Shelby Handley of Arab, Kasey Helms of Oneonta, Paula Keener of Crossville, Leah Matthews of Albertville, Riley Sims of Guntersville, Hayden Slaton of Rainsville, and Carlea Stone of Horton.
  • Auburn University – Evan Bailey of Boaz, Lindsey Rhea Chambers of Leesburg, Kloe L. McCurley of Boaz, Chandler Ridge McHugh of Steele, Cambree Nelms of Horton, Eli Anthony Pearce of Gallant, Jansen Rogers of Boaz, Austin Stewart of Albertville, Wesley Tyler, Emma Lauren Woodham of Albertville, and Taylor A. Young of Notasulga.
  • Jacksonville State University – Erika Aragon Cruz of Horton, Rylee Bartlett of Gardendale, Jordan Beason of Alexandria, Makenlee Beck of Boaz, Destiny Bentley of Guntersville, Morton Bethune of Albertville, Karlie Brodzinski of Boaz, Jackson Burns of Attalla, Isabella Bynum of Albertville, Ximena Chairez of Albertville, Kinsley Chambers of Albertville, Lindsey Chambers of Leesburg, Anna Chavez of Albertville, Hannah Childress of Albertville, Jay Cornelius of Guntersville, Taylor Corona of Albertville, Adrianna Cruz of Boaz, Anslee Culpepper of Albertville, Judd Ferguson of Albertville, Sylvia Gibson of Albertville, Jackson Godwin of Albertville, Paige Grammer of Altoona, Cindy Guerrero of Boaz, Adria Hamilton of Albertville, Hailey Haston of Dawson, McKayla Hayes of Harvest, Harley Hicks of Crossville, Gracie Hopkins of Arab, Julia Hurley of Southside, William Jones of Albertville, Courtney Kanupp of Guntersville, John Lombard of Boaz, Laurie Marcouiller of Boaz, Annaleigh McCord of Boaz, Jenna Riley McGee of Boaz, Tanya Mitchell of Albertville, Haleigh Molock of Piedmont, Cambree Nelms of Horton, Katelyn Perkins of Guntersville, Kaleb Pitt of Guntersville, McKenna Ponder of Albertville, Alicia Ramirez Perez of Albertville, Daniela Ramirez-Soriano of Albertville, Milagros Rios of Albertville, Juliana Roland of Gadsden, William Saint of Horton, Nancy Saucedo of Albertville, Hayden Slaton of Rainsville, Brody Smith of Grant, Gael Vazquez of Boaz, Ellen Wade of Albertville, Astrid Walker of Boaz, Addison Yancy of Guntersville, and Mauricio Zurita-Cortes of Albertville.
  • University of Alabama – Madelyn Clary of Tuscaloosa, James W. Collins of Arab, Jordan C. Johnson of Guntersville, Marisol Lopez of Albertville, Milagros Rosario Rios of Albertville, and Hannah Webb of Blountsville.
  • University of Alabama in Birmingham – Taylor Atkinson of Oneonta, Elizabeth-Catherine Belton of Pheonix City, Kileigh Blackwell of Hokes Bluff, Jackelyn Chacon-Rivera of Altoona, Kaleb Driskill of Guntersville, Katelyn Hearn of Collinsville, Elizabet Jarquin Jijon of Albertville, Cambree Nelms of Horton, Christopher Pannell of Birmingham, Jansen Rogers of Boaz, Liset Sebastian of Albertville, Mia Smith of Oneonta, and Hunter Tucker of Altoona.
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville – Kristy Baird of Albertville, Hannah Brakefield of Arab, Nancy Cervantes of Boaz, Kinsley Chambers of Albertville, and Isabel Garcia Rios of Albertville.
  • University of Montevallo – Nathan Wilson of Arab and Anthony Lopez of Boaz.

The College also recognized students’ achievements through student organizations. The Ambassadors, FBLA-Collegiate and Student Government Association officers were recognized. The History@Snead organization and the FBLA-Collegiate both received the Club of the Year award.

Snead State Community College is pleased to announce its President’s List for the Fall 2022 semester. To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must maintain a perfect grade point average of a 4.0 (all A’s) and be enrolled for 12 or more credit hours of regular college-level courses.

Mark Edward Adams, Marianna Aguilar, Diana Bautista, Jessica Benitez Vasquez, Emily Canseco, Ximena Chairez, Kinsley M Chambers, Anna Laura Chavez Munoz, William K Dixon, Krystal Espinoza Garcia, Isabel Garcia Rios, Andrea Nahir Gonzalez Larregoity, Darin Bailey Hallmark, Adria Faith Hamilton, Chase Alexander Haney, Elizabet Jarquin, Melissa Kay Johnson, Laura Claire Kirkland, Madalyn Reese Lankford, Alexander Charles Layne, Heather Michelle Leeth, Sandy Lopez-Mendez, Alyssa Michelle McBrayer, John Michael McElrath, Julia Ava Owens, Alexis Hope Powell, Nathan Josiah Rains, Marisol Acelin Ramos Lopez, Milagros R. Rios, Kimberly Jazlyn Rivera Saucedo, Natasha Erin Roden, Sarah Michelle Rutledge, Reymund Santiago, Liset Pedro Sebastian, and Jacob Davis Wilson.

Candace Danielle Chappell, Tristan Marshall Golden, Paige Brianne Grammer, Isaiah Roberson, and Hunter Gene Tucker.

James William Collins, Mack Dakota Durham, Monica Elaine King, Emma Grace Lynch, Josie Danielle Puccio, and Kaitlyn Bella Salinas.

Janiah Anderson and Brittany Nicole Holt.

Jackson Cole Burns and Marissa Katelyn Fleming.

Chloe B. Smith, Cheyanne Lillian Strange, and Avia Lashay Watts.

Sonia L Bearden, Darrin John Boyer, Rebecca Mattie Ann Burnett, Valerie Eliana Castro, Samantha Lynn Chamblee, Dolores Lola Contreras, Abigail N. Cotton, Jaden Skye Dismuke, Macy Michelle Dohring, Alyssa Estes, Trevor Allen Fall, Kimberly Lyn Garmon, Brooks Walker Gentry, Carson Riley Gillaspie, Cindy Liliana Guerrero, Gavin Mitchell Huffman, Jake Walker Knighten, David L. Lackey, Ethan B. Lackey, Lily Grace Lackey, John David Lombard, Michelle Lopez Tomas, Livia Drew Maples, Jenna Riley McGee, Kiran Norton, Maddux William Patterson, Marisol R Ramos-Gonzales, Dexter Calaway Richards, Mary Emily Royal, Megan O. Slaton, Delaney Jade Smith, Abby Daryl Scout Strong, Astrid Kylie Walker, Charity Michelle Walker, Evan Lee Walls, Jason Daniel Watts, Lauren Faith Wilborn, Mckenzie N. Williams, and Jestin Edward Woodfolk.

James Austin Starr.

Katherine Denise Johnson.

Maria I. Aragon, Lani Alexis Jones, Paula Dianne Keener, Madison Mackenzie Lesley, and Lydia Ann West.

Sarah Grace Lawson.

Lauren Olivia Webb.

Tiffany A. Douglas.

Rylee Brooke Bartlett.

Jessica Brianne Hanners and Abby Short.

Hannah Brie Burwick, John A. Conway, Jay Kajemund Cornelius, Olivia K. Gilbert, McCallister Finn Heatherly, Jordan Cade Johnson, Jimena Yvette Lugo Martinez, Kristina Manyard, Abigail E. Parmer, Landon Claire Phillips, Jaylee Anne Sims, and Megan Elizabeth Walker.

James David Sledd and Addison M Walker.

Hokes Bluff
Kileigh Louise Blackwell.

Aryn Danielle Adams.

Noah Riley Lam.

Emma Rainwater Wambles.

Hannah Faith Hurst.

Jim Chau Dai.

Vick Alexander Vargas.

Haleigh Jane Molock.

Rainbow City
Triston Lee Ballard and Devin Gordon.

Rome, GA
Anne Plant.

Connor Ray Aderholt.

Julia Hurley and Lindsay Ann Jakiel.

Snead State Community College is proud to announce the Dean’s List for the Fall 2022 semester. Students must hold a minimum of 3.50-3.99 grade point average and be enrolled in 12 or more hours of regular college level courses to be eligible for the Dean’s List.

Sophia Andres, Maria Mercedes Andres Felix, Johnathan Barrera, Eduardo Bastida, Jonah Robert Bilbrey, Justin Eric Brown, Kaylee Renee Brown, Ashton Elwin Bryant, Isabella G. Bynum, Hannah Grace Childress, Daniela Conriquez Rios, Taylor LeShaye Corona, Jacqueline Cortez Garcia, Anslee Reece Culpepper, Gregorio Anthony Duran, Morgan K. Edwards, Ivan L Franco, Keila Franco, Sylvia Faith Gibson, Jackson Cain Godwin, Katelyn Alexis Haram, Cathryn Isabella Henderson, Brylee Jayde Hill, Alexander Nathaniel Johnson, Jay Sawyer Jones, William T. Jones, Jose Armando Juarez, Emily Ledbetter, Joshua T. Logue, Juana Maria Lucas Perez, Alex Martinez Alarcon, Leah B. Matthews, Peyton Makenna McDaniel, Emil A. Ortega, Isabel Pacheco Arroyo, Mckenna R. Ponder, Courtney Nicole Price, Carlos Ramirez Lopez, Yaritsa V. Ramos-Juarez, Madison Rice, Harrison D. Scott, Hannah Michelle Islynn Tobias, Brianna J. Vasquez, Anna Claire Vaughn, Emma Lauren Woodham, and Allie Grace Brown.

Truly K. Elmore, Kaitlyn Harmon, Anna Marie Mann, Josie Mae Poe, Lydia Ramos, Heather Nicole Rice, Lauren Daelynn Swift, and Emma Kate Whitehead.

Emory Joy Berrey, Hannah Denise Brakefield, Aliza Jan Kalber, Benjamin Wilks Kelley, Jasmine E. Knepper, Katelin Savannah Mooney, Charlotte Dianne Pesnell, Ariel Rice, Kyleigh Wilks, and Zachary Wood.

Whitney Layne Goodwin.

Kaci N. Sharp and Heather Webster.

America Lee Avila, Jared S. Brown, Sydney C. Correll, Ellie White Green, and Graciela Ruiz.

Donté T. Bacchus.

Sabrina Lyn Jones.

Evan Randall Bailey, Logan Sydnie Beck, Makenlee Hope Beck, Karlie M. Brodzinski, Kyle James Brooks, Makayla Kristine Cannady, Gracie Mae Childers, Mary Beula Cornwell, Adrianna E. Cruz, Margaret Lee-Ann Daniel, Camille A. Ford, Angela Catalina Francisco, William Jackson Gamer, Lindsey Rena Garrett, Justin Matthew Harris, Issac D. Head, Jaden B. Hornbuckle, Jaycee Leigh Kilgore, Breanna J. Kimbrough, Litzi Lopez-Miranda, Maycee C. Mahan, Eli Andrew Martinez, Kloe Lashandra McCurley, Cristalina Juan Morales, Emmeline Ashley Pena Castillo, Jessica Nicole Peppers, Malia Gail Rains, Odalis Jose Sebastian, Jenna F. Shedd, Brooklyn Smith, Trea J. Thomas, Mackenzie Grace Vaughn, Fernando Vazquez Bastilio, Gael Vazquez Bastilio, Laura June Whitmire, and Ava Malynn Wiggs.

Ashlyn Mckenzie Hallman.

Britney Ayala, Aaron W. Callahan, Vanessa Darlene Cortez, Megan Lorraine Couillard, Alexis Dianne Keener, Marlene Lopez Franco, Lizabeth Rodriguez, Reagen Leigh Rowan, and Paul C. Smith.

Lindsey Morgan Hyde.

Hunter R Haston

Mackenzie Leigh Smith.

Gracie Jordan Stucky.

Alyssa Jean Webb.

Kylee Elizabeth Easterwood.

Melodi Liene Cone.

Marcelita Irayda Lopez Godinez.

Keshawn Long.

Shelby Lynn Rhyne, Brody Pearson Smith, and Daniel Jerdan Wallace.

Grove Oak
Liberty A. White.

Gabrielle Hope Ball, Perla Becerra, Amra Morgan Davis, Kaleb Alexander Driskill, Laura Ann Harris, Addason Brea King, John Harrison Kirkland, Erica Elizabeth Lang, Spencer Kristian Lang, Vanessa Alene Lugo-Martinez, Montana Leigh McWhorter, Ryan Oswalt, Katelyn M. Perkins, Carolyne K. Redmond, Meagan Grace Schwieterman, Riley Faith Sims, Caroline Grace Thomas, Alannah Jean Wiggins, and Savannah Ryan.

Riley Ashlyn Sharp.

Shyan Jody Snell.

Hokes Bluff
Grayson Kimball Kellett.

Sonya Leigh Evans, Amber Jaqueline Lopez, Cambree Deanne Nelms, Juan Ortiz Hernandez, Garrett Eli Poole, Jessica Y Robles-Dominguez, William M. Saint, Carlea G. Stone, and Maritza Valdez-Sanchez.

Honey Kate Calip and Evan Steckmesser.

Jefferson, GA
Mason Edward Cooper.

LeGrange, GA
Cason P Firth.

Lawrenceville, GA
Virgil Williams.

Midland City
Amanda P Devane Fergus.

Mia Elizabeth Smith.

Revy Lee Higgins.

William Hardy Tarpley

Rainbow City
Sydney Nannette Kirkpatrick.

Chloe Cheyenne Chisenall.

Arrington Wayne Mooney.

Snellville, GA
Gerald Larone Tillman II.

Reagan Leigh Cornelius.

Sierra Chanel McCoy.

Matthew Walter Miller.

Union Grove
Christian Stuart Adams and Roderick N. Lorance.

Austin Caleb Burnham.

Jacob Chandler Floyd and Garrit A. Terrell.

Snead State Community College congratulates the following students who received their degrees and/or, Certificates during the Fall 2022 term.


  • Joana G. Benitez, Associate in Science in Pre-Nursing
  • Morton Layne Bethune, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Ximena Chairez, Associate in Science in General Education, summa cum laude
  • Anna Laura Chavez Munoz, Associate in Science in Criminal Justice, summa cum laude
  • Amy Michelle Clemons, Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education
  • Jay Sawyer Jones, Associate in Science in General Education, summa cum laude
  • Yamilet Ysell Lopez, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Gretchen Elena Miranda, Associate in Science in Pre-Nursing
  • Sara-Grace Wilks Willoughby, Certificate in Accountancy


  • David W. Jones, Associate in Applied Science in Applied Business, cum laude, Certificate and a Short-Term Certificate, both in General Business, with distinction


  • Andy Miguel Andres, Associate in Science in General Education, cum laude
  • Abby Grace Burns, Associate in Science in Speech Pathology, magna cum laude
  • Makayla Kristine Cannady, Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education, magna cum laude
  • Camille Ford, Associate in Science in General Education, cum laude
  • John Raven Fox, Associate in Science in Business, cum laude
  • Elvis M. Franco, Associate in Science in Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Odalys Franco-Cruz, Associate in Science in Biology
  • Billy Joe Hicks, Associate in Science in Math Education, cum laude
  • Mary Kimbrough, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Becca Mayes, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Jessica Nicole Peppers, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Maria Olivia Peralta, Associate in Science in Social Work


  • Bailey M. Swann, Associate in Science in General Education


  • Garrett Kade Barclay, Associate in Science in Social Science Education
  • Shelby Guadalupe Cruz, Associate in Applied Science in Applied Business, Certificate and a Short-Term Certificate, both in General Business
  • Gisselle Gijon Lara, Associate in Science in Elementary Education


  • Corey Ladun Hill, Associate in Science in Business

Fort Benning, GA

  • Tamara Danielle Smith, Associate in Science in General Education


  • Kimberly Ann Medlin, Associate in Applied Science, Certificate and a Short-Term Certificate, all in Office Administration


  • Richard Jefferson Harris Jr., Associate in Applied Science in Applied Business, magna cum laude, Certificate and a Short-Term Certificate, both in Logistics, Distribution, & Purchasing, both with distinction


  • Levi Benjamin Cox, Associate in Science in Mechanical Engineering, magna cum laude


  • Destiny Renee Bentley, Associate in Science in Business
  • Christopher R. McElrath, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Megan Lynn Ramsey, Associate in Science in General Education, magna cum laude
  • Meagan Grace Schwieterman, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Haley Sparks, Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education


  • James D. Sledd, Associate in Applied Science in Airframe Technology, summa cum laude, Certificates in Aircraft Structures and Airframe Technology, both with distinction


  • Karly Elizabeth Kilgo, Associate in Science in General Education
  • Jennifer Robles Dominguez, Associate in Science in Mathematics


  • Evan Grace, Associate in Applied Science and a Certificate, both in Powerplant Technology


  • David Alexander Hufstetler, Associate in Science in Aerospace Engineering


  • Lindsay Ann Jakiel, Associate in Applied Science Applied Business, Certificate in Accountancy, and Short-Term Certificate in Accounting Technology


  • Aiden Scott Rhodes, Associate in Science in General Education

Union Grove

  • Amanda Gosselin, Associate in Applied Science in Applied Business, cum laude, Certificate in Health Care Management and a Short-Term Certificate in Health Care Management, both with distinction


  • Emily Nichole Venerable, Associate in Science in General Education

The Snead State Community College Fine Arts Department announces the rehearsal schedule for the Community Wind Band this Spring.

The Community Wind Band is a concert band comprised of Snead State students, adults within the Snead State area, and area high school students who have demonstrated excellence in All-State tryouts. College credit is available for students who would like to participate with the Community Wind Band as a credit course.

Though the Community Wind Band had its first rehearsal on Jan. 30, there is still time for people to join for the Spring 2023 season. The remaining rehearsal and performance schedule is as follows:

02/13: Rehearsal, 6:30-8 p.m., Room 107 Maze Music Building
02/27: Rehearsal, 6:30-8 p.m., Room 107 Maze Music Building
03/13: Rehearsal, 6:30-8 p.m., Bevill Center Auditorium
03/27: Rehearsal, 6:30-8 p.m., Bevill Center Auditorium
04/10: Rehearsal, 6:30-8 p.m., Bevill Center Auditorium
04/16: Concert, 3:00 p.m., Bevill Center

For more information, contact Community Wind Band Director Mike McGee at mike.mcgee@snead.edu or (256) 840-4148.

Snead State Community College recently added two students to its rapidly growing Industrial Systems Technology Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Snead State Community College recently congratulated Cecilia Slaten, who went to work with Atrion Medical as part of the Industrial Systems Technology Apprenticeship Program. Pictured from left are Snead State Community College President Dr. Joe Whitmore, Snead State Executive Project Director of Workforce Enhancement Dr. Greg Randall, Stanley Alldredge with Atrion, Cecilia Slaten, John Naughton with Atrion, Snead State Director of Workforce Development Teresa Walker, and Snead State Industrial Systems Technology Instructor Todd Freshwater.

The College along with its industry partners celebrated the two students, who will work as paid apprentices while completing their course work in Industrial Systems Technology. Cecilia Slaten of Guntersville is working with Atrion Medical, and Chase Cornelius, also of Guntersville, is working with Tyson Foods.

“We certainly appreciate our relationship with (our industry partners),” said Snead State President Dr. Joe Whitmore. “It’s always exciting to see our students take advantage of the apprenticeship program, and we’re looking forward to seeing the program continue to grow. It’s a big deal to be able to work and earn money while you’re working on your education. The success rate of students who choose this route is phenomenal, and we’re excited to work with Atrion and Tyson to make this possible.”

Snead State’s Registered Apprenticeship Program is business driven, combining on-the-job learning with related technical instruction through the classes offered at the College. The program also includes a national credential from the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship.

Snead State Executive Project Director of Workforce Enhancement Dr. Greg Randall said, “It’s a joy to celebrate our apprentices. Every semester we add new apprentices. I can’t think of a better way to go through college than to work for a highly professional company in a competitive field while you’re obtaining your degree.”

Snead State Community College recently congratulated Chase Cornelius, who went to work with Tyson Foods as part of the Industrial Systems Technology Apprenticeship Program. Pictured from left are Michael Bridier with the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship, Snead State Community College President Dr. Joe Whitmore, Snead State Executive Project Director of Workforce Enhancement Dr. Greg Randall, Tony Holland, Jerry Buse, and Becky Diaz, all with Tyson, Snead State Industrial Systems Technology Instructor Todd Freshwater, Snead State Director of Workforce Development Teresa Walker, and Chase Cornelius (seated).

“This is what we do. The point of this is not just to give someone a piece of paper to say they went to a community college. The purpose of this program is to equip people to go into the workforce and pursue life-changing career opportunities,” said Industrial Systems Technology Instructor Todd Freshwater.

“The success of this program lies with our industry leaders, who are great to work with us in placing students in these paid apprenticeships. It’s exciting to see our students thrive in a professional work setting and earn practical experience that enhances their education and training,” said Snead State Director of Workforce Development Teresa Walker. “The Registered Apprenticeship Program is a unique opportunity that we hope continues to grow with the addition of more students and more industry partners.”

For more information about the Registered Apprenticeship Program, contact Dr. Randall at grandall@snead.edu or (256) 840-4166 or Ms. Walker at twalker@snead.edu or (256) 840-4211.

Snead State Community College graduated its first class of the new Medication Assistant program.

The program is a 100-hour training course designed to prepare students to administer routine medications to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. The graduates are all Certified Nursing Assistants employed with Diversicare and Crossville Health and Rehab.

“This was a great group of students,” said Snead State Director of Workforce Development Teresa Walker. “Annette Holcomb, the instructor, did a wonderful job. Diversicare was a great partner and allowed us to do clinicals at their facility.”

The Workforce Development Department will begin a new class in the Medication Assistant program on Jan. 30.