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Student Panel
Faculty/Staff Panel
  • Fall faculty and adjuncts start working in August and are paid the last working day in September.
  • Spring faculty and adjuncts start working in January and are paid the last working day in February.

Direct Deposit is the preferred method of payment at the college. Please contact Human Resources if there is a problem with direct deposit.

  • Voided Check OR Document from bank identifying the following information:
  • Your Social Security number (e.g. S00000001)
  • Name on Bank Account
  • Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Salary employees should use the Leave Report.
  • Hourly employees should use the Time Sheet.

They are both located on OneACCS.

Employees are paid last working day of the month.

The Payroll Department reports employees’ W-2 earnings to the Social Security Administration annually. Each year, a number of employees cannot have their earnings properly credited due to discrepancies in the name and/or social security number being reported. Due to our concern that employees receive proper credit for retirement earnings, the Payroll Department is requiring a copy of the employee’s Social Security Card at the time of hire.

  • Visit OneACCS.
  • Your user ID  is your employee email (firstname.lastname@snead.edu), which is provided by Human Resources at time of hire.
  • Your password is your birth date in MMDDYY format.

These forms are located on the Intranet. Please complete the appropriate form and turn into Human Resources.