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Faculty/Staff Panel
Snead State’s Ready to Work Program Continues to Boast Success

The Snead State Community College Ready to Work Program continues to see success among its students with a steady increase in its completion rate. 

Of the students enrolled in the free program in 2017, 84 percent found employment or enrolled in college to continue their education. In 2013, that percentage was 74.

The program has also tracked those students who have enrolled in college to continue their education since the program began. Scholarships were awarded to 91 graduates of the program, and 32 students have since earned their Associate degrees. Another 14 earned short-term certificates, which some still working to earn the credential. 

“Our instructors and staff do a really good job in assisting our Ready to Work students with their transition to college. It is about building relationships, and they know they have a place to come if they have questions,” said Teresa Walker, Director of Workforce Development and the Arab Instructional Site.

Snead State has partnered with local industry to bring the valuable program to their employees. Newman Technologies has 26 employees who have completed the program since September and were hired permanently with a pay increase. All of the graduates earned a National Career Readiness Certificate and an Alabama Certified Worker Certificate. Seven more employees are currently in the program. Kappler Inc. in Guntersville recently completed their first class, with all scheduled to be hired soon.  
Students train in the necessary soft skills requested by employers for today’s workplace.  RTW curriculum includes both online and classroom components, including Communication, Workplace Behaviors, Problem Solving, Job Prep, Computer Skills and Financial Literacy.

Individuals successfully completing RTW receive the Alabama Certified Worker Certificate and a National Career Readiness Certificate. The RTW program is operated by the Alabama Community College System in cooperation with AIDT.  The training is 8 weeks in length. 

Other benefits of graduating from Snead’s Ready to Work program include a free 4-hour credit course at SSCC, job placement assistance, career assessment, job search information, Alabama Job Link registration, financial aid, enrollment and advising information, and information about Workforce Development class offerings. Job placement assistance is provided to students during attendance and after graduation.  

To register or for more information, please check our website www.snead.edu/workforce or contact Cherri Barnard, cbarnard@snead.edu or 256.840.4152.