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Snead State Hosts Training that Draws Out-Of-State Workers to Campus

Twenty-two workers gathered in a small classroom in the Weathers Business Building at Snead State Community College, listening intently to the material presented. Many of the men traveled from various states to the Boaz campus for one purpose, but it was a purpose they all shared – to receive training that would equip them to better do their jobs.

Snead State partnered with the Garden City Ammonia Program (GCAP) to host the ammonia/refrigeration training Nov. 5-8. Instructor Randy Williams led the intense training that could prepare the workers to “go anywhere in the world” to find jobs that use their training.

“We’re preparing you to be career people, not just an employee,” Mr. Williams told the students.

Rusty Hutto of Pilgrim’s Pride in Enterprise said he has appreciated the training provided by Mr. Williams and GCAP. “(Mr. Williams) is a real world guy, so we can relate to what he’s telling us. This training has been more beneficial than any other education I’ve had.”

“A lot of us have worked with (ammonia and refrigeration) with our jobs, but we haven’t always understood why we did things the way we had to do them. This training will make us more efficient and safer. The theory is intense, but it’s something we need to know. Now, we know how to keep things running, and we know why we have to do what we do to keep things running,” said Macon Hodge with Sister Schubert’s in Enterprise.

Oscar George with Rembrandt Foods in Abbeville said, “Any extra training we can receive is going to be an advancement. College is not for everyone, and in a lot of cases, there are better jobs making more money with a trade. Opportunities are more available, but the passion (for the trade) has to be there.”

Joseph Nguyen of Today’s Foods in Piedmont, Missouri, agreed. “I wanted to make a move to this field, so that’s why I came for the training. I wish this (training) had been available to me 30 years ago. It’s exciting.”

Seventeen of the 22 students traveled to Snead State from other states, including Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Connecticut, Mississippi and Missouri. Within Alabama, students came from Abbeville, Luverne, Enterprise, Gadsden and Albertville.

Peter Starvish of Country Pure Foods in Connecticut shared the same sentiments as many of the workers with regard to the hospitality of the area and the positive experience they had while at Snead State. 

“This is a nice school,” Mr. Starvish said. “It’s a real gem for the community.”

Over the last four years, Snead State has trained 293 employees from 66 different companies throughout the United States. For more information about the training, please contact Snead’ Workforce Development Division at 256.840.4211.

Photo Caption: Snead State Community College partnered with the Garden City Ammonia Program to bring Instructor Randy Williams to the Boaz campus to lead ammonia/refrigeration training for 22 students – 17 of which traveled from out of state for the intense training.