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Snead State to launch Parson BooksPlus

BOAZ, Ala. – Snead State Community College is excited to announce the launch of Parson BooksPlus, a new course material delivery program that provides access to students’ required course materials in a convenient package before the first day of class.

With this new program, all required course materials are included as a $24 per credit hour charge on your student account at a savings of 35-50%.

According to results of surveys conducted at other colleges participating in this type of program, 80% of students reported the program provided them more affordable course materials.

Approximately 82% of students said they felt better prepared for the incoming term, thanks to the program.

And, 88% of students found it convenient to have their course materials bundled and delivered through the program.

This program is set to begin with the Fall 2023 term.

How It Works:

  • Students register for classes.
  • One month before classes start, students will receive an email instructing them to review their courses and choose how to receive their materials.
  • The bookstore will prepare students’ course materials in a convenient package.
  • Students will receive an email notification when their order is ready for pickup at the bookstore or when it ships, depending on their selection.
  • Students’ digital materials will be delivered within Blackboard.
  • When students’ courses are over, the bookstore will send helpful reminder emails to return their rental course materials.
  • Students who do not wish to participate must opt out each semester, but once a student opts out, they have opted out of all classes for that semester. Students may not opt out of an individual class.

Snead State is excited to offer students this convenient, affordable way for getting all needed course materials.

For more information about the program visit snead.edu/parsonbooksplus.