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Snead State Receives Grant for TRIO Student Support Services Program

In one of the most competitive grant seasons for TRIO programs, the U.S. Department of Education announced that Snead State Community College received a grant to continue its successful TRIO Student Support Services Program for another five years.

Snead State’s TRIO SSS received $1,375,525 in grant funding to continue to provide 170 college students with tutoring, academic advising, workshops, college transfer tours, cultural events, financial aid advice, career and college mentoring, and assistance with selecting courses. 

“To hear that we have been funded for another five-year cycle for TRIO Student Support Services is monumental. We feel honored to be selected and are ready to continue serving our students,” said Marie Smith, Director of Federal TRIO Programs. 

Services available through the TRIO Student Support Services program enhance academic success and help increase the likelihood that students will graduate or transfer with the lowest possible debt. In addition, TRIO Student Support Services motivates and prepares low-income and potential first-generation college students to continue their education beyond a two-year college.

“In this new period of uncertainty and ambiguity, it’s important that students enter into a caring environment to guide them on their path toward college completion,” said Director Smith. “The TRIO Student Support Services program is instrumental in providing students motivation and support in overcoming class, social and cultural academic barriers and succeeding in higher education.”

Snead State Community College also has an additional TRIO program called TRIO Upward Bound. The TRIO Upward Bound program serves 62 high school students at five area high schools in Marshall County. 

The Federal TRIO Programs, including Student Support Services and the Upward Bound program, are designed to identify and provide services for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The staff of the TRIO SSS and UB programs are dedicated to close the educational gap and make high school and college assessable to students who may otherwise fall through the gap. 

Any students who would like to be a part of the TRIO Student Support Services or TRIO Upward Bound program may contact Director Smith at marie.smith@snead.edu for more information.