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Snead State Community College Students Recognized for Their Achievements

Snead State Community College spotlighted student achievements with a special online recognition, as the College did last year due to COVID-19 protocols.

The College posted a slideshow presentation to its YouTube and Facebook accounts announcing the students receiving academic awards. Certificates were also mailed to the students in honor of their achievements.

Award recipients include:

  • Accounting – Shelby Payne of Warrior.
  • Agricultural Science – Kaylie Hanrahan of Albertville and Dylan Sanders of Guntersville.
  • All-Alabama Academic Team members – Madeline G. Devin of Boaz and Sara C. Koonce of Fayetteville, Tenn.
  • Anatomy/Physiology – Zurisadai Ortiz of Albertville, Bethany Savannah Wood of Albertville, Luis Elizarranas Mosqued of Albertville, Emily McDuffie of Crossville, and Alyssa Stanley of Crossville.
  • Art – Elisa Blackwelder of Guntersville and Marcy Blitchington of Boaz.
  • Biology- Outstanding Student Achievement Award in Biology: Anna Watkins of Rainbow City.
  • Business (Transfer Program) – Sara Koonce of Fayetteville, Tenn.
  • Business (Applied) – Roberta Kolb of Jacksonville.
  • Chemistry (Inorganic) – Salma Santiago of Albertville and Chase Williams of Boaz.
  • Chemistry (Organic) – Madeline Devin of Boaz and John David Hutchens of Horton.
  • Chemistry (College Chemistry II) – Mauren Arreaga of Albertville and Miriam D. Chavez Ibarra of Albertville.
  • Computer Science (Transfer) – Savannah Graham of Moulton and Jainum Patel of Albertville.
  • Computer Science (Cybersecurity) – Daniel Jordan Bryant of Attalla.
  • Dean’s Awards – Emily F. McDuffie of Crossville (Academic) and Lisa Murray of Boaz (Technical).
  • Economics – Logan Edmonds of Guntersville.
  • English – Ashia Bice of Boaz, Roman Peppers of Boaz, and Jacqueline Rhodes of Springville.
  • Health/Physical Education – Sadie Burns of Boaz.
  • History (American) – Myriam Eason of Albertville and Wyatt Eason of Albertville.
  • Information Systems Technology – Alejandro Gomez of Albertville.
  • Mathematics – Sofia Cruz-Zarate of Albertville (Freshman Award) and Savannah Graham of Moulton (Sophomore Award).
  • Music – Juan Ramos Jimenez of Albertville (Most Improved Musician) and Natalie Duvall of Boaz (Best Music Theory Student).
  • Music Endowment Scholarships – Casie McBrayer of Boaz (John Howard Precise Memorial Scholarship) and Natalie Duvall of Boaz (Glenn L. and Mary Wells Maze Memorial Music Scholarship).
  • Nursing – Rebecca Oden of Boaz (Highest GPA-First Level RN). Mackenzie Wolfe of Gadsden (Highest GPA-Second Level RN), Rachel Cooper of Horton and Deyna Tomas of Boaz (both Clinical Excellence-First Level), and Kayla Upton of Albertville (Clinical Excellence-Second Level).
  • Office Administration – Angie Perez Gonzalez of Albertville and Youdeline Jean Joseph of Albertville.
  • Physics – Jainum Patel of Albertville and Miguel Andres of Albertville (both Dr. Byron K. Leles Physics Award).
  • Political Science – Johnny Figeroa of Albertville.
  • President’s Award – Olivia A. Logan of Arab (Academic) and Alejandro L. Gomez of Albertville (Technical).
  • Psychology – Matthew Ard of Albertville.
  • Sociology – Brisa Martinez of Boaz and Skyler Pittson of Brownsboro.
  • Speech – Donovan Guinois-Golden of Altoona and Salma Santiago of Albertville (both Outstanding Public Speaking Award); Hailey Hill of Boaz, Katherine Gray of Birmingham, Kaylee Justice of Albertville, Gracie Duncan of Anniston, Ellie Green of Attalla, and Payton DesRosier of Huntsville (all Oral Communication Speech awards).
  • Western Civilization – Caroline Smith of Boaz.

Snead State students receiving transfer scholarships from four-year universities were also recognized. Those students included:

Athens State University

  • Daisy Nalleli Guzman of Albertville
  • Flor De Maria Jimenez of Albertville
  • Amanda Imelda Ramirez of Albertville
  • Anna Grace Stephens of Albertville
  • Makayla G. Brown of Cullman
  • Shelby Marie Bryant of Taft, Tenn.
  • Logan James Edmonds of Guntersville
  • Madison Rane Edmonds of Greenville
  • Bryceton Alvis Flack of Lacey’s Spring
  • Jordan Thomas Jarvis of Albertville
  • Malari Lee Lewis of Albertville
  • Tanner Heath Ridgeway of Arab
  • Kristian Seth Weaver of Madison

Jacksonville State University

  • Daisy Allen of Gadsden
  • Melissa Aragon of Boaz
  • Jesse Bailey of Crossville
  • Emma Beck of Boaz
  • Michelle Borjas of Albertville
  • Dylan Brockman of Horton
  • Sadie Burns of Boaz
  • Dariana Castro Gomez of Guntersville
  • Blake Collins of Albertville
  • Madeline Devin of Boaz
  • Sarah Diamond of Boaz
  • Luis Elizarraras of Albertville
  • Kayla Ennis of Albertville
  • Caitlin Estes of Boaz
  • Aaron Evans of Boaz
  • Anna Harmening of Brownsboro
  • Kaylee Harraid of Boaz
  • Rebecca Harrell of Guntersville
  • Lorie Harrison of Steele
  • John Heacock of Oxford
  • Yesenia Hernandez of Blountsville
  • Hailey Hill of Boaz
  • Madison Holliday of Boaz
  • Brandy Hunt of Albertville
  • Seth Ingleright of Scottsboro
  • Mallory Jenkins of Albertville
  • Susana Juarez-Soriano of Huntsville
  • Courtney Kimbrough of Boaz
  • Mary-Kathryn Lang of Boaz
  • Hannah Lindblad of Guntersville
  • Johnathon McCord of Boaz
  • Allison Menefee of Arab
  • Reighan Mintz of Crossville
  • Kaitlyn Morris of Boaz
  • Riley Price of Gadsden
  • Juan Ramos Jimenez of Albertville
  • Iris Rentz of Albertville
  • Jacqueline Rhodes of Springville
  • Heather Rosmus of Albertville
  • Holly Smith of Horton
  • Kaitlyn Smith of Albertville
  • Ethan Teague of Centre
  • Zachary Thomson of Huntsville
  • Phoebe Wallace of Oneonta
  • Emily Wilson of Scottsboro
  • Natalie Zeus of Albertville

University of Alabama

  • Madeline Grace Devin of Boaz
  • Zoe L. Epperson of Grant
  • Dylan Michael Fraser of Birmingham
  • Joshua B. Golden of Albertville
  • Donovan Pierre-Nicola Guinois-Golden of Altoona
  • Seth Ray Hopper of Boaz
  • Turner James Hughes of Birmingham
  • Alaina C. Keller of Guntersville
  • Riley Elizabeth Price of Gadsden
  • Lucas C. Smith of Boaz
  • Nahom Seyefe Workalemahu of Albertville

University of Alabama in Birmingham

  • Turner Hughes of Birmingham
  • Jackson Simmons of Albertville
  • Parker Gilliland of Locust Fork
  • Susana Juarez Soriano of Albertville
  • Mary Kathryn Lang of Boaz
  • Summer Maddox of Crossville
  • Shelby Payne of Warrior
  • Nahom Workalemahu of Albertville
  • Melissa Aragon of Boaz
  • Madelyn Bearden of Guntersville
  • Kiara Robinson of Athens
  • Allison Menefee of Arab
  • Daniel Villacorta-Ayala of Boaz
  • Jaycee Dill of Gardendale
  • Gracie Harrell of Guntersville
  • Brooks Tolbert of Calera