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Student Panel
Faculty/Staff Panel


Academic Advising

Students receive one-on-one mentoring with the tutor each month at their high school.


TRiO Upward Bound offers workshops throughout the semester to help students. These workshops are scheduled on the campus of Snead State Community College from 4:30-6:00 so please check your calendar for a listing of these workshops.

University Trips

Each semester TRiO Upward Bound will have a University Trip to a four year university to tour their campus and ask any questions about their admissions process that you may have. Most Transfer Trips are on Thursdays; we are normally gone the whole day for the trips. There is no expense to you as a TRiO Upward Bound Participant.

Cultural Events

Each semester TRiO Upward Bound has some type of cultural event. We may attend a play, museum, a dining etiquette workshop, and many others. There is no expense to you as a TRiO Upward Bound Participant.


Free tutoring is offered to all TRiO Upward Bound participants. Tutoring takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the high school and is also available at Snead State Community on Mondays thru Thursday if additional tutoring is needed.

Individual Education Plan

In order to be a participant in the TRiO Upward Bound Program you must complete an Individual Education Plan (IEP). During this meeting a goal for the completion of your classes will be set. Different areas will be discussed during your IEP such as strengths and weaknesses and possible universities that you would like to attend.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are sent out to your instructors after the first nine weeks of classes if your grades fall below a ‘C’ average. At this point it is mandatory that you attend all tutoring sessions scheduled through TRiO Upward Bound.


Students receive stipends (get paid!!) during the academic year and summer months. Students can earn up to $40.00 for the academic and $60.00 for the summer for attendance.

School Supplies

If an Upward Bound student is in need of school supplies they may pick up supplies in the TRiO Office. Supplies include but are not limited to: pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, highlighters, note cards, and others.

Summer Component

During the Summer Component students will improve academic skills by attending classes in math, science, English, foreign language, computer skills and study skills during the six week summer academy on the campus of Snead State Community College. During this exciting experience, students will also have the opportunity to reside in the dormitory at Snead State as well as attend career exploration and personal enrichment workshops, and participate in fun cultural, social and career oriented field trips. There is no expense to you as a TRiO Upward Bound Participant.

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