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The Alabama Community College System is implementing NEW email login requirements for all ACCS colleges soon. All active Snead State Community College students must verify their Personal Email address is correct in OneACCSThis is critical because new login credentials will be emailed to the Personal Email address listed in OneACCS. If you do not have a personal email address listed, you will need to add one. Your personal email cannot be your snead.edu email.

Please check/ update your email address in OneACCS by Sunday, March 31st.

Personal Email Update Steps:

Step 1. Visit https://snead.edu/student-life/oneaccs/ and click on the OneACCS login button.
Step 2. Log into OneACCS with your A# email (Axxxxxxxx@snead.edu) and your OneACCS Password.

Step 3. Click “Student”.

Step 4. Click “Student Landing Page”.

Step 5. Click on “Personal Information”.

Step 6. Click “Personal Information” again.

Step 7. Review the Personal Email address associated with your account. If it is correct, you can stop here.
Step 8. To edit your Personal Email address, click the edit icon below your personal email to edit.

Step 9. Enter your correct email address under “Email Address” and click “Update”.

Step 10. Make sure you get the “Saved Successfully” notification on the top right of your screen.