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The Room & Furnishings

Snead State provides a residence hall for students. Snead Students living away from home are encouraged to live in the residence hall. Residence hall life can be a rewarding and educational experience. Lifelong friendships frequently begin among residents. Independence is fostered at the same time dependence upon others is being taught. Habits of health, cleanliness, study, and social living are established. It requires, however, a give-and-take attitude, a strong respect of the rights of others, a thorough knowledge of the rules required when people live together in close quarters, and a cooperative attitude that works for the general good of all residents.

Residents must furnish their own light bulbs, bed linens, blankets, pillows, toiletry articles, and lamps. Each room has a desk, chair, bed, mattress, and individual closets. The rooms have individual heating and air-conditioning units. A room inventory record is made prior to the student occupying the room. This record is signed by the student and should note any missing or damaged items. Residents will be held liable for willfully changing locks or damaging College property including the windows, doors, and/or contents of the rooms. Repairs or replacements required will be charged to the resident or responsible party.

An application for housing is below.

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