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Student Panel
Faculty/Staff Panel

Student Responsibilities

Students with disabilities may be eligible for reasonable and appropriate accommodations, but students are responsible for the following:

Disclose the Disability

  • Students must disclose the disability to the Disability Services Office. Faculty and staff may refer a student to the ADA Coordinator, but the student is responsible for making the contact.

Provide Documentation

  • The student must provide current and appropriate documentation of the disability and the need for accommodations. Please refer to the Documentation Guidelines.

Request Accommodations

  • The Request for Accommodation Form must be filled out and submitted each semester. Students should plan to register for classes and complete this form early each semester to provide ample time for the implementation of needed accommodations.

Meet with Faculty

  • Students are responsible for picking up Accommodation Letters from the ADA Coordinator and for meeting with and discussing accommodations with their instructors. The ADA Coordinator will provide the student with electronic letters for online classes.