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Faculty/Staff Responsibilities

  • Faculty should establish a cooperative atmosphere when dealing with students with disabilities. Interact with students with disabilities in the same manner as other students, but be clear that you are willing to provide necessary accommodations.
  • Faculty should meet with student to review Approved Accommodations Letter. The student will have two copies of the letter – one to sign and return to the ADA Coordinator and one to keep for your records. Please return signed letter ASAP.
  • Faculty are not obligated to provide accommodations until the Approved Accommodation Letter is received, although obvious needs should be met (i.e. wheelchair accessibility). If a student requests accommodations but has not provided an Approved Accommodations Letter, please refer the student to the ADA Coordinator and consider documenting such referrals.
  • College staff also have an obligation to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities.

Note-Taking Support

Note-taking support is provided for students whose documentation indicates an inability to effectively take their own notes in class. Students who qualify for note-taking support may recruit their own note-taker or may request faculty assistance in locating one. Note-taking support is a supplement to a student’s participation and attendance in class.

If a student has an Approved Accommodation Letter requesting note-taking support, here are some tips to assist the student in locating a note-taker:

  • Feel free to ask a specific student if you feel he/she would be a good note-taker (generally good grades, attendance, etc.) or make an announcement in class, similar to: “We have a need for a note-taker in this class. If you feel that you take good notes and would be willing to provide copies of your notes for use by another student, please see me after class or contact the ADA Coordinator located in the Testing Center. Students serving as note-takers are paid a small stipend in exchange for copies of their notes.”
  • Do not identify the student needing the note-taker to the class when making the announcement, although the note-taker may be told privately at a later date by the ADA Coordinator.
  • Notes will be scanned and emailed or typed and emailed to the ADA Coordinator who will forward them to the student with the accommodation. Note-takers will be paid a small stipend at the end of the semester. Amounts vary based on credit hours and type of notes requested.

Syllabi Statement

Faculty are responsible for including a statement in their course syllabi acknowledging consideration of and willingness to accommodate students with disabilities. The following statement has been approved and should appear verbatim on all course syllabi:

ADA Statement: Snead State Community College provides equal opportunity to all students. If you have a disability (medical, physical, learning, psychological, etc.) and wish to request disability-related accommodations to complete course requirements, contact the ADA Coordinator located in the McCain Student Center or by emailing ADA@snead.edu. Course requirements cannot be waived, but reasonable accommodations may be provided based on disability documentation and course objectives. Accommodations cannot be made retroactively.