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The Aviation College at Snead State

The Aviation College at Snead State offers two pathways to train students to repair and maintain every aspect of an airplane – from the exterior frame to the engine.

The two Associate in Applied Science degree programs provide specific training to prepare students for a career in a high-demand, high-wage field. Airframe Technology focuses on maintenance of aircraft frames, and Power Plant Technology focuses on aircraft engine maintenance.

As students are earning their AAS degree, they can also complete credits to earn a Certificate in Airframe Technology or Power Plant Technology or a Short-Term Certificate in Aircraft Structures, General Aviation or Reciprocating Engines.

Snead State partners with the University of Alabama in Huntsville to provide transfer opportunities in aviation.

Career Opportunities

  • Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technicians
  • Aviation Inspectors
  • Aircraft Structure and Rigging
  • System Assemblers
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Operations Technologist and Technicians
$61,000 annuallyTwo (2) Years and One (1) Semester

Program Pathways

Associate in Applied Science Degrees

Airframe Technology

The Airframe Technology program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written, oral, and practical examinations required for certification as an aviation maintenance technician with an airframe endorsement.

FAA certification is typically required to begin a career as an aviation maintenance technician.

Airframe technicians run thorough inspections of aircraft frames, mechanical components, and electrical systems to locate wear, defects, and other problems. They read documentation and other repair manuals to determine standards and procedures and test aircraft functions using diagnostic instruments to ensure those standards are being met. They then repair or replace components using hand or power tools and may order additional supplies. Meticulous records of all activities are needed, which can then be presented to managers or inspectors when requested.

Power Plant Technology

The Power Plant Technology program certification gives aviation maintenance professionals the additional credential and provides expanded employment opportunities in the aviation industry, leading to higher earnings and greater career possibilities.

The Aviation College at Snead State provides the industry-relevant training, so students can quickly earn this important FAA certification and begin a lifelong career in the high-demand, high-income aviation industry.

NOTE: Mechanics must take and pass three written Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams, an oral exam, and a practical test to get an A&P (Airframe & Power Plant) license. To qualify for the licensing, applicats provide proof that they have complete an A&P program with a certificate of completion.


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