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Current students may register online during the advertised registration periods


OneACCS is a portal for students and employees to use to access important functions, such as registration. Just select the OneACCS link and log in with your network credentials. 

What are my network credentials?

  • Students | You can find a link to your email here or click “Student Email” in the student panel to the left of your screen. Your email address is your full student number AXXXXXXXX@snead.edu. This means your OneACCS login will be your personal A number @snead.edu. Your password is !SNEADMMDDYY with the MMDDYY being your birthdate. This does include in the exclamation point. 
  • Employees | Your username for OneACCS will be how you login to your Snead State Office365 email (i.e. firstname.lastname@snead.edu). Your password will be the same password you use to log into your Snead State email account. 

If you have any issues or need further assistance, please contact Jerri Gullion via email at jerri.gullion@snead.edu. Please provide your A number and date of birth in the email. 


DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor a student’s progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks at Snead State is aligned with the Alabama Transfers Guide to help make sure that courses will transfer. DegreeWorks combines the Snead State’s degree requirements and the coursework completed into an easy-to-read worksheet that helps students and advisors see how completed courses count toward degree requirements.  DegreeWoks is designed to aid advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.

The degree audits produced by DegreeWorks are dependent on a student’s program of study/pathway. Information is extracted from the student’s OneACCS portal into DegreeWorks on a nightly basis. DegreeWorks audits are used for graduation evaluations, so students and advisors should know at any time where the student is in relation to completing their degree or certificate. 

Steps for Registration

1. Go to www.snead.edu, and select OneACCS, located in the student panel to the left on the homepage.
2. Enter your username which is the same as your student webmail – your personal student number (A#) and then @snead.edu (AXXXXXXXX@snead.edu).
3. Enter your password, which is !SNEAD and then your birthdate in the format MMDDYY (!SNEADMMDDYY). Note: You must use the exclamation point at the beginning.
4. Click on the Student tab then the Student Landing Page.
5. Click on Registration.
6. Click Register for Classes and select the appropriate term.

7. Search for the class you want to take.

8. Select the class and it will show up as pending.

9. Submit registration for the class.

10. Students will follow the same steps to drop a course before the penalty deadline, or withdraw from a course.

Payment for Classes

You must pay for classes at the time of registration. You can pay for your classes or access the payment plan option by logging into OneACCS.

Students’ class schedules may be removed from the registration system for non-payment. Payment must be made prior to the designated due dates listed in the College’s Academic Calendar.  

First-Time Students to Snead State

First-time students must register to attend a Parson Days session (for the fall semester only). 

Mini II Sequence Course Registration

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Go to www.snead.edu, and select OneACCS at the top of the home page.
  2. Enter your username which is the same as your student webmail – your personal student number (A#) and then @snead.edu (AXXXXXXXX@snead.edu).
  3. Enter your password, which is !SNEAD and then your birthdate in the format MMDDYY (!SNEADMMDDYY). Note: You must use the exclamation point at the beginning.
  4. Click on the Student tab
  5. Click on Registration.
  6. Click on “Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes”.
  7. Register for classes.

Most degree plans require the same basic classes, so freshmen – especially those who haven’t declared a major – can register for courses such as Speech, English, Math, Science and History. Students whose placement scores indicate needed developmental courses should take those within the first two semesters of enrollment. All students should strive to take Math and English courses in the first semester as well. Some courses are only offered during certain semesters, and some have prerequisites you must complete before registering for the class. This information is outlined in the course description portion of the College Catalog. Consult your faculty advisor to review your degree plan prior to registration each semester.

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student. However, you are encouraged to enroll in 15 credit hours each semester to stay on track for earning your degree. Financial Aid options may also have credit hour requirements. Student loans require enrollment in at least 6 credit hours. Most scholarships require 15 credit hours. It’s important to know the terms of your scholarship/financial aid and follow them carefully. Also consider how many semesters you plan to be at Snead and how many semesters your financial aid will cover. For example, if you do not plan to attend Summer terms, you will probably need to take more than 12 hours during the Fall and Spring terms.

A regular semester lasts 16 weeks. A mini term lasts 8 weeks. Regular semester classes typically meet two days per week while mini classes meet every day. Many students prefer the daily mini term classes because they provide more focus on the material.

No, but you should see your advisor to review your degree plan prior to registration, especially if you are a new student or if you have changed your major or program of study.

Students are expected to pay for classes when they register. The College sets specific dates each semester when students’ courses are auto-dropped from their schedule for non-payment. These dates are published on the College Academic Calendar. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to track his/her class schedule. Students who register after the last drop for non-payment date are responsible for charges regardless of whether they attend class.

Students can view their balances and make payments by logging into their OneACCS accounts. To access account information after logging into OneACCS: (1) Select Snead State Community College from the drop-down menu; (2) Click on Students; (3) Select View Account and Make Payments; (4) Click on Account Detail for Term; and (5) Select the appropriate term. The field Account Balance net of Authorized Financial Aid will display account balances after all anticipated financial aid has been applied.