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Faculty/Staff Panel

Nursing Programs

RN Program

What the Program Offers:

  • Friendly & welcoming atmosphere
  • High tech learning experience
  • High Fidelity Simulations labs
  • Nursing student success coaching
  • Knowledgeable, caring faculty
  • Strong community partnerships
  • Successful Nursing Graduates!

SSCC Nursing Application – Fall 2024
Registered Nursing Degree Plan
Admission Requirements and Program Costs
Admission Criteria for Acceptance

Program of Study

  • First Semester: NUR 112 Fundamental Concepts of Nursing (7 credit hours)
  • Second Semester: NUR 113 Nursing Concepts I (8 credit hours)
  • Third Semester: NUR 114 Nursing Concepts II (8 credit hours) & NUR 115 Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning (2 credit hours)
  • Fourth Semester: NUR 211 Advance Nursing Concepts (7 credit hours)
  • Fifth Semester: NUR 221 Advanced Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning (7 credit hours)

LPN to RN Option

What the Option Offers:

About the Hybrid Option:

  • Listen to the lecture online
  • Campus attendance required for the skills lab, simulation lab, and testing
  • Two semesters of clinical required
  • One semester of precepting required

LPN to RN Mobility Option Information

Program of Study

  • First Semester (Spring): NUR 209 Concepts for Healthcare Transition Students (10 Credit Hours)
  • Second Semester (Fall): NUR 211 Advanced Nursing Concepts (7 Credit Hours)
  • Third Semester (Spring): NUR 221 Advanced Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning (7 Credit Hours)