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Student Panel
Faculty/Staff Panel


Parson Pride Giving

Catch the spirit of giving, and invest in those who follow! You can give any amount at any time. Your money will provide scholarships to Snead State students.

For more information, contact Kelli Conley in the SSCC Foundation office at (256) 840-4101 or email kelli.conley@snead.edu.


Endowment Fund

An endowed scholarship fund secures your gift in perpetuity. Only a portion of the earnings from the gift are awarded each year in the form of scholarships, and the principal is managed so it continuously grows.

The need for endowed scholarship funds is more important than ever before. The Snead State Community College Foundation has two types of endowed scholarship funds that are available to you:

  • For a contribution of $25,000 or more, the donor can have a restricted and named scholarship fund. The donor provides the guidelines for how the College is to award the scholarship.
  • Donations less than $25,000 will be secured in an unrestricted endowed scholarship fund for the College to use at its discretion.

Both funds are opportunities for you to enrich a student’s life with the gift of a quality education.

Foundation Board

Founded in 1989, the Foundation Board consists of citizens of the College community. Members are nominated by the President for confirmation by the Foundation Board. The purpose of the Foundation Board is to raise and manage private resources supporting the mission and strategic goals of Snead State Community College.

Foundation Board members include:

  • President Frank McDaniel of Albertville
  • Vice President Bobby Weathers of Boaz
  • Secretary Dr. Bobbie Glassco of Horton
  • Treasurer Jack Hancock of Guntersville
  • Clay Scofield of Arab
  • Mary Wells Malone of Boaz
  • Shane Wilks of Albertville
  • Claudette DeMuth of Guntersville
  • Snead State President Joe Whitmore
  • Alumni Director Shelley Smith (Ex-officio)
  • Vice President for Student Services Jason Cannon (Ex-officio)
  • Development Coordinator Kelli Conley (Ex-officio)