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Welcome to the website for Distance Learning at Snead State Community College!

The Distance Learning Student Handbook is intended to serve as a reference guide for students who are taking online, blended, or hybrid courses at Snead State Community College.

What is Distance Learning at Snead State Community College?

Distance Learning at Snead State Community College is a campus-wide resource for faculty members and departments interested in promoting teaching excellence, improving student learning outcomes, and encouraging ongoing professional development and scholarly engagement. Distance Learning promotes and supports the innovative use of technology in teaching, advising, and mentoring students while emphasizing academic excellence within a supportive environment.

Distance education in general can be defined as the formal dissemination of instructive curricula which is not dependent upon time or place via the use of multiple delivery options such as audio, video, multimedia communications and computer technologies. Student learning by means of distance learning techniques provides for challenging and collaborative academic opportunities and requires the use of pedagogical methods which include course design, synchronous, and asynchronous communication, and special instructional techniques.

Distance Learning Overview

Distance Learning focuses on utilizing technology and teaching methods to provide instruction to students outside the regular classroom and thereby increase flexibility and scheduling options. Blended, hybrid and online courses require that students have a computer and Internet access that meet at least minimum technical requirements as defined by the College. Additionally, Distance Learning courses require computer literacy skills, as well as self-discipline and motivation. Students register for Distance Learning courses in the same way they register for traditional courses.

Distance Learning Mission

The mission of the Distance Learning Program at Snead State Community College is to provide quality instruction through electronic technologies to enable students to attain their educational goals. Our strategic initiative is to acquire and support appropriate emerging technologies for curricular, instructional and administrative enhancement.

Distance Learning Goals

1. To identify, provide, expand, and coordinate the development of quality courses and programs to meet the needs of students.
2. To support and encourage the internal development of the Distance Learning Program by promoting and providing guidelines for training and providing technical support.
3. To provide strategies for effective delivery of Distance Learning alternatives through the development of policies for consistency in Distance Learning.
4. To evaluate periodically and comprehensively every facet of the Distance Learning Program and to use these results to restructure and improve the program.

Why Take Distance Learning Classes?

Distance Learning courses are designed for students who desire flexibility and convenience in their studies. Our courses are fully accredited and are considered equivalent to on-campus courses. Anyone who is eligible to take regular courses on campus may enroll in Distance Learning courses. Consult the SSCC Course Schedule, found within the College website, for registration information.

For More Information

For more information contact our Distance Learning office at (256) 840-4124 or send email to The Distance Learning Office is located in the Administration Building of the main campus in Boaz, Alabama.