Exploration & Planning

Career Services has several ways to help you EXPLORE & PLAN a career path.
Before you begin, you may want to research your strongest values, skills, interests, and personality traits in order to choose the best career fit for you.

KUDER JOURNEY is a powerful online tool to help college students and adults plan for the right career! Based on your specific needs, Journey provides reliable tools to assess your interests, suggest education and career options, prepare you for the job search, and connect you to today’s jobs. This online tool is available for purchase by the public, but Snead State Career Services can provide you with an ACTIVATION CODE to allow you FREE LIFETIME ACCESS! Email CareerServices@snead.edu and request your FREE ACTIVATION CODE today!

Have you ever asked “WHAT CAN I DO WITH THIS MAJOR?” Click Here for a great resource to help answer this often asked question.

There are also lots of FREE ASSESSMENT RESOURCES available on the internet

Our USEFUL LINKS  page lists some of the most popular resources on the web.

Our Career Coach is available to help you navigate the exploration and planning process. Contact the Career Coach today to make an appointment!