Marshall County Youth Leadership

MCYL Sponsorship Information

What is MCYL?

Marshall County Youth Leadership is designed to prepare and build leadership resources within our county. Participants receive an intense view of the civic and governmental leadership through direct contact with a wide spectrum of institutions that keep Marshall County solvent and moving forward. MCYL is an educational opportunity through participatory experiences. Students will learn leadership skills from communication and teamwork to self-esteem and values. 

MCYL began as a project of the Marshall County Leadership Challenge in the early 90s. One of the class members, Jeannie Wallace, continued to run the program with the help of other classmates who served on the advisory board. It has been under the Snead State Community College umbrella since 2008.

Who participates?

Thirty high school juniors from eight high schools located in Marshall County are selected to participate. Characteristics of a MCYL participant include students who are open to new ideas about learning, involved in extracurricular activities, sensitive to diversity, willing to make a time and energy commitment, a team player and an individual, a good student and someone who is recognized by peers and teachers as a leader.

Meeting Schedule

MCYL meets the second Wednesday of each month beginning in September and ending in May from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There will be a couple times throughout the year when we will meet on a different day. Students will be notified prior to the meeting. 

How much time is required?

The applicant and principal/sponsor are asked to commit to the attendance and participation policies of the program at the time the application is submitted. 

What can participants expect?

MCYL will begin in September with orientation. Meetings will focus on several different leadership traits: team building, team work, communication, goal setting, ethics and more. Participants will be a part of several group activities. This will involve some hands-on activities and a lot of interaction with each other. Participants are required to dress professionally unless otherwise informed. Dress for the day is announced in advance. MCYL will strive to develop many new skills and enhance the skills that may already exist.

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