Degrees and Certificates

We believe that a college education is not just for the wealthy or for those who demonstrate past academic success. We believe education and training for any one of us benefits all of us. At Snead State Community College, our expert faculty ensure you are actually experiencing and comprehending information rather than just reciting it. They care about you as much as they care about how you connect with the course material. Our entire community of faculty, staff, students and alumni are passionate about learning and student success.

Associate in Science

This degree is the two-year degree plan that is used by students who wish to complete a Bachelor degree at a four-year college or university after completing the AS at Snead State. Students will use a STARS guide to prepare them for transferring and in choosing the right courses at Snead State.

Associate in Applied Science

These programs are designed to be completed in two years and ready students to enter the workforce. The coursework in each of these programs is mostly program-specific so courses taken in these programs may not transfer into other two or four-year programs. Students should follow the Snead State degree plans.

Short-Term Certificate

These programs can usually be completed in about one year, and then you can get some jobs in the workforce in certain fields. Certificates at Snead State are designed so that the student can earn a credential on their way to completing an AAS degree.

Choose Your Program

Business Division

Associate in Science Programs

  • Apparel and Textiles
  •  Health Information Management
  •  Business
  •  Health Sciences
  •  Business Education
  •  Health Services Administration

Associate in Applied Science Programs

Applied Business with the following STC options:
  • Accounting Technology
  • Agri-Business; Finance
  • General Business
  • Healthcare Management
  • Logistics
  • Distribution and Purchasing
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
Office Administration with the following STC options:
  • Medical Transcription
  • Office Administration

English and Languages Division

Associate in Science Programs

  • English
  • English Language Arts Education
  • Spanish Education

Health Science Division

Associate in Science and Certificate Programs

  • Pre-Nursing (2 and 4-year RN/BSN Nursing Options)
  • Nursing Assistant (STC)
  • LPN-to-RN Mobility Program

Humanities and Fine Arts Division

Associate in Science Programs

  • Art Education
  • Philosophy
  •  Art History
  •  Public Relations
  •  Art Studio
  •  Religious Studies
  •  Communication Studies/Speech
  •  Speech Pathology
  •  Journalism
  •  Telecommunications and Film
  •  Music

  • Music Education

Math Division

Associate in Science Programs

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering - Industrial
  •  Engineering - Aerospace
  •  Engineering - Materials
  •  Engineering - Chemical
  •  Engineering - Mechanical
  •  Engineering - Civil
  •  Math Education
  •  Engineering - Electrical
  •  Mathematics

Natural Science Division

Associate in Science Programs

  • Agronomy and Soils
  • Food Science
  •  Animal Sciences
  •  Health Education
  •  Athletic Training
  •  Meteorology
  •  Biology
  •  Nuclear Medicine Technology
  •  Biology Education
  •  Physical Education
  •  Biomedical Services
  •  Physics
  • Chemistry
  •  Poultry Science
  •  Chemistry Education
  •  Radiologic Sciences
  • Environmental Science
  • Recreation Leadership
  • Exercise Science and Wellness
  • Respiratory Therapy - Cardio Science
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Science Education
  • Fisheries Science
  • Wildlife Science

Social Sciences and Human Services Division

Associate in Science Programs

  • Agricultural Economics
  • History
  • Public Administration
  •  Behavioral Science
  •  History Education
  •  Rehabilitation Disability Services
  •  Criminal Justice
  • Human Services
  •  Social Studies Education
  •  Early Childhood Education
  • Political Science
  •  Social Work
  •  Economics
  • Psychology
  •   Special Education
  • Elementary Education

Associate in Applied Science and Certificate Programs

  • Child Development: AAS, LTC, STC

Technology and Computer Science Division

Associate in Applied Science and Certificate Programs

Computer Science with the following STC options:
  • CISCO Networking
  • Computer Technician
  • Enterprise Virtualization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Database Administrator
Industrial Technology with the following STC options:
  • Automation
  • Basic Electricity
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology