Social Sciences and Human Services Division

Norton Social Science Building

The Social Sciences and Human Services Division offers courses in a wide variety of fields including Child Development, Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Courses meet prerequisite requirements for transfer to four year institutions. In addition to transfer credit, the Child Development program has stand-alone certificate and degree programs that help prepare students for the work force.

All course offerings within the division offer classes in multiple formats including on campus day and evening courses as well as online. The Child Development program offers all of its coursework online.

For a complete list of course offerings in this division, please click here.

For a list of course offerings and program description of the Child Development Program, click here. CHD program and certificate course development.

For a list of other Programs of Study within the Social Sciences and Human Services Division, please click here.

Social Sciences and Human Services Division Contact Information

Dr. Karen Watts
Child Development Coordinator and Instructor / Division Chair
Phone: (256) 840-4193
Office: Norton 103


Dr. Mark Freshwater
History Instructor
Phone: (256) 840-4169
Office: Norton 104

Paul Gore
Criminal Justice Instructor
Phone: (256) 840-4167
Office: Elder Hall 104S

Dr. Meredith Jackson
Economics Instructor
Phone: (256) 840-4163
Office: Weathers Business
Building 102S 

Grover Kitchens
History and Political Science Instructor
Phone: (256) 840-4162
Office: Norton 123

Kelly Snyder
Sociology Instructor
Phone: (256) 840-4178
Office: Weathers Building

Dr. Tommy Turner
Psychology Instructor
Lindsey Robbins
Psychology Instructor
Phone: (256) 840-4129
Office: Norton 110