Humanities Division

The Humanities Division will offer opportunities for students and community in Religion, Philosophy, Speech, and Mass Communication. The Humanities Division introduces students to various religious traditions, the study of philosophy and ethics, the craft of public speaking and communication, and the field of mass communication.

Courses taught and programs of study related to the Humanities include the History of World Religions, Survey of the Old Testament, Survey of the New Testament, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics and Society, Basic Speech, Oral Communication, and Mass Media and Communication.

For a complete list of course offerings in this division, please click here.

For a list of Programs of Study within the Humanities Division, please click here.

Humanities Division Contact Information

Dr. Jonathan Watts

Humanities and Fine Arts Division Chair
Office: Administration Building, second floor
Phone: (256) 840-4125


Dr. Mark Freshwater
History/Philosophy/Religion Instructor
Office: Norton Building
Phone:(256) 840-4169

Johnny Brewer

Speech Instructor
Office: Administration Building, first floor
Phone:(256) 840-4199

Terri Narrell
English/Speech/Mass Communication Instructor
Office: 100 English Building
Phone:(256) 571-0650