The Aviation College at Snead State offers two Associate in Applied Science degree programs: Airframe Technology, which focuses on maintenance of aircraft frames, and Powerplant Technology, which focuses on aircraft engine maintenance. As students are earning their AAS degree, they can also complete credits to earn a certificate in Airframe Technology or PowerPlant Technology or a Short-Term Certificate in Aircraft Structures, General Aviation or Reciprocating Engines.

The Airframe Technology program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written, oral, and practical examinations 
required for certification as an aviation maintenance technician with an airframe endorsement. FAA certification is normally required to begin a career as an aviation maintenance technician.

With a degree in Airframe Technology, students can find jobs at regional and national commercial airlines, in general aviation, or with government and military agencies.With a FAA Airframe Mechanics certification, students can pursue careers as an Aircraft Mechanic, an Aircraft Assembler, an Airframe Maintenance Technician, and an Aircraft Maintenance Inspector.

Students can earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree in four full-time semesters. The earning potential for careers in the Airframe Technology field is $14-$17 hourly.

The Powerplant Technology program certification gives aviation maintenance professionals the additional credential and provides expanded employment opportunities in the aviation industry, leading to higher earnings and greater career possibilities. The Aviation College at Snead State provides the industry-relevant training, so students can quickly earn this important FAA certification and begin a lifelong career in the high-demand, high-income aviation industry.

Snead State's Aviation Powerplant Technology program trains you to work not only on all aircraft types but also in industries such as amusement parks. Medical equipment device manufacturers seek aircraft mechanics for employment due to the advanced level of training and safety awareness. Students can earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree in four full-time semesters. Entry-level Aviation Maintenance positions have an earning potential of $15-$23 hourly.

Snead State partners with the University of Alabama in Huntsville to provide transfer opportunities in aviation.

Scholarships are available!

Scholarships are available for students enrolling in the aviation program. Complete a scholarship application packet and submit it to the Aviation College.

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