Student Achievement Data

Snead State Community College is committed to the evaluation of student achievement, and the College measures student achievement in a number of ways.

Enrollment Data

The College monitors enrollment at the college, program, and course level, and reports this data to the Alabama Community College System each semester in an end-of-semester affidavit.  The Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) compiles this data for the entire state.  Enrollment data is also reported to the Federal government via annual IPEDS reporting.

ACHE Institutional Profile Fall 2014
DAX Enrollment Affidavit Fall 2014
DAX Enrollment Affidavit Spring 2015
DAX Enrollment Affidavit Summer 2015
DAX Enrollment by Program Fall 2014
DAX Enrollment by Program Fall 2016
IPEDS 12-Month Enrollment 2013-2014
IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey Fall 2014


The College monitors retention in a number of ways. The annual IPEDS Fall Enrollment report measures fall-to-fall retention for first-time full-time and part-time students.  The Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) also annually compiles fall-to-fall retention numbers for all public colleges in Alabama.  Snead State consistently ranks among the top two-year colleges in Alabama for the percent of first-year students who are either still enrolled in college or have already graduated the next fall.

ACHE Retention and Completion Summary 2011-2014
IPEDS Graduation and Retention Rate 2014

Course Completion

Course completion is monitored by the Chief Academic Officer and also monitored by each academic division.  The minimum acceptable pass rate is usually set at 70%; this is approximately one standard deviation below the college average, so courses with passing rates below this are analyzed closely.  The statewide Data Access and Exchange (DAX) provides Snead State with a variety of reports on student achievement.  Course completion trends are analyzed over time, by online versus on campus, by instructor and course section, and by whether the instructor is part-time or full-time.  The College actively seeks to correct issues with course completion when they are found.

DAX Course Completion by Instructor Spring 2015
DAX Course Completion by Instructor Fall 2014
DAX Course Completion by Instructor Summer 2015
DAX Grade Trend by Course Fall 2013-Spring 2015
DAX Grades Online vs. On Campus Fall 2014-Summer 2015
DAX Grade Distribution by Department Fall 2014-Summer 2015

Job Placement Rates

The College monitors job placement rates for each of its career and technical programs. Minimum criteria for each program are generally set by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education as a part of the post-implementation conditions for a program. Employment data is locally tracked by technical program instructors who directly contact students after graduation. This data is compiled by the Dean for Instruction, IR/IE, and Strategic Planning and supplemented with data from the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. For the most recent reporting period (2013-14), 83-percent of graduates from Snead State’s career and technical programs were employed soon after graduation.”
Employment data is also compiled upon request for students receiving financial aid through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

Transfer Student Success

Snead State receives reports periodically from other institutions on the performance of students who have transferred from Snead.  The goal is that students outperform their peers who are either native students to the transfer school or transfer students from other community colleges. Generally (though not always) these reports show that former Snead students outperform native students.  Periodically the College also receives feedback from the Alabama Commission on Higher Education regarding the performance of former Snead students at their destination institutions, though it has been several years since the last report.   Until 2010, this was provided by the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education as part of the annual College Accountability Performance Profile.

ACHE Transfer Report Fall 2014
Snead Transfer Student Performance Report - Athens State
Snead State Performance at Four Year Schools

State Licensure Performance

Snead State has one program that lead to professional licensure: Associate Degree Nursing. Graduates of the Associate Degree nursing program take the NCLEX-RN exam.  Results for the past several years can be found here.  The results are reported annually to the State Board of Nursing and are an important part of the state's evaluation of the program.  A passing rate of 80% is considered the minimum acceptable standard by the State.

ABN NCLEX 3 year averages 2013 - 2015

Completions / Graduates

Snead State includes the "completion of degree and certificate programs" as a central component of its mission, and it is one of three major initiatives in the College's Strategic Plan.  In 2010, Snead State became the first college in Alabama to join the national College Completion Challenge, and the completion rate has increased dramatically as the College has removed artificial barriers to graduation and begun openly encouraging students to graduate and emphasizing the inherent value of the associate degree and certificate.  

IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey 2014
ACHE Retention and Completion Summary 2011-2014
ACHE Snead Completions Summary 2014-2015