Associate in Science

The Associate of Science degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a senior-level institution. However, students who have not chosen a transfer school and program may still earn the Associate in Science degree by following the guidelines as listed in the College Catalog. Students who plan to transfer coursework to another college or university should contact potential transfer institutions as soon as possible in order to verify which courses will transfer. Students planning to transfer to a public four-year college or university in Alabama should also obtain a STARS guide, which ensures maximum transferability of credits and to that any transferred credits are applicable towards a four-year degree. The General Studies guidelines in the College Catalog represent the minimum requirements for graduation. The maximum program semester credit hours is 64 hours.

Agricultural Economics
Agronomy & Soils
Animal & Dairy Science
Apparel Merchandising
Apparel & Textiles
Art Education
Art History
Art Studio
Athletic Training
Behavioral Science
Biology Education
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Sciences
Business Ed
Chemistry Ed
Child Development
Clinical Lab Sciences/Med Tech.
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Ed
Elementary Ed
English/Lang. Arts Ed
Environmental Sciences

Exercise Science
Family & Consumer Sciences
Fisheries Science
Food and Nutrition
General Education
Health Inf. Mgt.
Health, PE, Recreation
Health Education
Health Science
Health Services Admin.
History Education
Hotel/Restaurant Mgt.
Human Dev. & Family Studies Human Services Admin.
Interior Design
Lab Technology
Mathematics Ed
Music Education
Nuclear Med. Tech.
Physical Ed
Political Science
Poultry Science

Public Admin.
Public Relations
Radiologic Sciences
Recreation Leadership
Rehab Services Ed
Religious Studies
Respiratory Therapy/
Cardio Science
Science Education
Social Science
Social Studies Ed
Social Work
Spanish Ed
Special Ed
Speech Pathology
Wildlife Sciences


Associate in Applied Science

The Associate in Applied Science Degree is an undergraduate award designed for students planning to specialize in technical, business, semi-professional, and supervisory fields that are career-oriented, or in selected fields, to transfer to a senior institution. The AAS degree is at least 60 semester hours in length and may require a maximum of 76 semester hours.

Applied Business
Child Development
Computer Science Technology
Electronic Engineering Technology
Office Administration
Nursing (RN/ADN)
Mobility LPN-to-ADN Nursing


The Certificate Award is a formal award certifying the satisfactory completion of a prescribed program of study. The certificate is less than a degree, and it's curriculum is related to the student's employment or professional advancement. A certificate requires a minimum of 30 semester hours and a maximum of 60 semester hours. Snead State offers the following Certificates:

Child Development

Short-Term Certificates

The Short-Term Certificate Award is a formal award which prepares technicians and assistants for entry-level positions in business and industry. Short-term certificate programs must be a minimum of nine (9) semester credit hours in length and a maximum of 29 semester credit hours. Snead State current offers the following Short-Term Certificates:

Accounting Technology
Child Development
CISCO Networking
Electronic Engineering Technology
General Business
Healthcare Management
Logistics, Distribution and Purchasing
Nursing Assistant
Medical Transcription
Office Administration

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