Career Technical

Snead State Community College provides education, career training and unique opportunities to enrich your life and equip you to be the type of employee businesses and industries hire. Snead State offers a number of academic programs designed for students who wish to go directly into the workforce after graduation or transfer to a four-year school to continue their training in a technical program. Career Technical Education is designed around the needs of area employers to equip our graduates with the skills and credentials businesses and industries are looking for.  These programs usually lead to an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree, but most have shorter, built-in Certificate (CER) and/or Short-Term Certificate (STC) options as well.

Training through Snead State’s career technical programs prepares students to earn valuable industry credentials. Credentials are an effective way to communicate your skills and training to potential employers. Our career technical programs are challenging but rewarding. Our expert faculty ensures you are actually experiencing and comprehending information rather than just memorizing and reciting it. They care about your success and how you connect with the course material. Because of Snead State’s reputation for education excellence, businesses and industries routinely seek out our graduates for employment.

You may not know which career technical program is right for you and your future goals, but our staff of advisors are ready to guide you in choosing the program of study that is right for you.