Alumni Honors and Awards

The Snead State Alumni Association presents special awards during Alumni Homecoming each year. The Alumni of the Year award is given each year to recognize the contribution made by a former Snead student to the College, the community or the country. The Distinguished Service Award is given to a recipient who may or may not be a former Snead student, but who has had a significant impact on the College. Both awards are chosen by the Alumni Association Board of Directors based on nominations submitted. 

To nominate a Snead Alumni for the 2019 Alumni of the Year Award, complete the nomination form and return it to the Alumni Office via mail at P.O. box 734, Boaz, AL 35957, or email at The Alumni of the Year is chosen by the Alumni Association Board of Directors and notified by the Alumni Office. The award recipient will be recognized at the 2019 Alumni Homecoming on Friday, May 3. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, April 4, by 5 p.m.

Past Alumni of the Year Award Recipients

In earlier years, Alumni of the Year awards were given to a recipient from each year of the school's history (Snead Seminary, Snead College, Snead Junior College, State Community College). Earlier awards given also included Patron of the Year and Supporter of the Year.

2019 - Mrs. Rhonda Springfield
2018 - Mr. Lynn Comer
2017 - Mr. Craig Wilks, Coach Gerry Ledbetter (Distinguished Service)
2016 - Mr. Bobby Weathers
2015 - Ms. Jaime Smitherman; Ms. Mary Wells Malone (Distinguished Service)
2014 - Mr. Pat Courington Jr.
2013 - Mr. Charles White
2012 - Dr. Bobbie Glassco
2011 - Dr. Robert Braswell
2010 - Gid Riddle; Larry Smith (Distinguished Service)
2009 – Joan Noel; Sue Kelley (Distinguished Service)
2008 – Neeysa Biddle; Robbie Townson (Distinguished Service)
2007 – John Kitchens
2006 – Lendell Bates; Phillip Smith
2005 – Dr. Jack Avery
2004 - Bill and Zadie Amberson; Truman Glassco (posthumously)
2003 - Rebecca Lancaster; Timothy F. Riley
2002 - Bob Grace; Paul Wilbanks
2001 - Jack Waite
2000 - Mayor James Townson
1999 - Pat Courington Jr.
1998 - Kathryn Hearn; Tom Kennamer; Joan Fields Osborn; James Pruett
1997 - Dr. Bobbie Glassco; Ralph Charles Hammond; Joseph Martin; Dr. William H. Osborn (Dedication & Leadership)
1996 - Dr. Jack Keith Clemons; Richard L. Sharpton; Kimberly Hallmark Skipper; Arlie McLeod Trammell
1995 – Louise Chasteen Brown; Charles Miller; Ella Ruth W. Lamberth; Nathan P. Thompson
1994 – Mary Will Creel Burton; James Bynum Waid; Sue Boyles Kelley; Harold O. Chitwood
1993 – Edgar E. Davis; Jessie Mauldin Dean; Dr. Autry L. Bailey; Sarah Murphree Corson; Benny Campbell; Janet McLaughlin
1992 – Stanley A. Fields; Oswald T. Geiger; Eloise Yancey McClendon
1991 – Iva Verhine Knox; John S. Bishop; Dr. Julia Law Willard; Dr. Marvin R. Batchelor; Chalmus L. Weathers (Patron of the Year)
1990 – Baxter Hill; Mary Rhoden; Lowell Barron; Cindy Bobo Dupree
1989 – Gladys Hale Downs; Clarence Garry; Carol Brown; Mayor Bruce Sanford
1988 – Mrs. Alf I. Thompson; Margaret Daniel; Hoyt Parker; Dr. Luther F. “Trey” Corley III; Honorable Hinton Mitchem (Patron of the
1987 – Flossie Wells Moore; Preston Watts; Jane Graham Finlay (Distinguished Alumna Award/Alumna of 1956); Nerine Elrod
(Distinguished Patron of the Year)
1986 – Honorable Albert Rains; Dr. Pamela Abney
1985 – Bill Jones; Dr. Alta Millican
1984 – Hazel McCleskey McGraw; T. Euclid Rains
1983 – Jill Mitchem; Dr. Charles Mann; Mr. T.B. McLeod (Snead Supporter)
1982 – George Cox; Robert Lee (Outstanding Snead Supporter); Mrs. Emma Mathis Lee
1981 – Mrs. Lola Tidwell Dees; Mrs. Tiny Tidwell Strauss; Claude M. Elrod (Snead Supporter)
1980 – Dr. Ray Mathis
1979 – Herman Stephens; Marjorie Stephens
1978 – Mrs. Conola Elrod Smith (Snead Supporter/Alumna of 1924); Sid McDonald
1977 – Mrs. Cecile Stamps; Emmett Plunkett (Snead Supporter); Alvin Townley (Snead Supporter/Alumnus of 1925)
1976 – Guy B. Jackson
1975 - No award was given.
1974 – Bobby K. Masters
1973 – Mrs. D.E. Richards; the Rev. Robert Murphree
1972 – Emmett B. Shotts, Jr.
1971 – J. Edwin Rush, Jr.
1970 - No award was given.
1969 - Sid McDonald
1968 – Dr. Robert Braswell
1967 – T.B. McLeod
1966 - Dr. Robert Garrad
1965 – Roosevelt Humphrey
1964 – Jack Giles
1963 – Alvin Townley
1962 – Ethel Harpsot
1961 – Fletcher Farrington
1960 – Honorable Albert Rains