Snead State Community College Announces Changes to Operational Hours of Arab Instructional Site


Snead State Community College responds to student demand by altering the operational hours for the Arab Instructional Site. Beginning May 14, the site will follow an evening schedule.

According to Snead State Vice President for Academics Dr. Annette Cederholm, the College reviewed enrollment trends for the site and recognized a shift in the way students prefer to take courses. 

“Classes have been traditionally offered during both the day and in the evening. However, when we reviewed the enrollment data from 2012 through the present, we noticed a couple of trends that have surfaced within the last couple of years. First, we’ve had a greater enrollment in our evening classes than the day classes. Second, more students from Arab, as well as on the Boaz Campus, are more inclined to enroll via online courses.”

When analyzing students enrolled from the two zip codes for the Arab area, the percentage of students who enroll only in classes taught at the Arab Site has declined from a high of 12.1 percent during the 2012-2013 academic year to the present low of a meager 6.1 percent for the 2017-2018 academic year. In comparison, the percentage of Arab students taking a combination of on-site and online courses has increased from 13.1 to 23.8. Students enrolling in courses via online instruction only has grown from 19.8 percent to 31.2 percent.

The shift to more online enrollment is a trend the college as a whole has experienced, and for the Arab Site, it has resulted in a need to change the operational hours to better serve students. The site will be open four days per week, Monday through Thursday, from 4-10 p.m. In addition to evening classes, a computer lab will be available during those hours for use by students, especially those who are enrolled in online courses.

“It is a change from the way the Arab Site has operated in the past, and there will be a period of transition. We believe this change will better suit the needs and demands of our students. We’ll adjust the schedule as needed, but for now, the site will be open during hours our students need it the most,” said Dr. Cederholm.

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